How an Event App Motivates Attendees While Creating a Fun Experience

Elin Warfvinge

In the world of event planning, productivity and fun are the yin and yang of an event that must be in balance with one another in order to give attendees a memorable and fruitful experience. As an event professional, it is your job to harmonize these two ostensibly opposing forces which seems like you’re being asked to bake a loaf of bread in the freezer. Fortunately, melding productivity and fun into an event experience is not impossible and can be easily achieved with the reinforcement of an event app.


The Program Feature

First and foremost, MeetApp’s user-friendly and comprehensive format successfully keeps attendees on track with times and locations of sessions—attendees are also able to filter down the agenda to sessions that they want to prioritize during their experience. The clear-cut and easy-to-read Program feature lays out the entire event for attendees, ensuring that they can make the most of their experience without the fear of missing something they are interested in.


Push Notifications

Along with the event program feature, another huge driving force to motivate attendees are push notifications—these can be planned by the administrators or sent on the fly. No matter what, admins are alleviated of the stress of herding attendees from place to place because push notifications do the herding for them.

While push notifications lend a hand in productivity, they can also enhance attendee interaction during sessions. For example, a presenter can pose a question to the audience through a push notification in the midst of presenting, which facilitates more vibrant audience-interaction and fosters a conversational environment.

Push notifications’ versatility allows them to be both orienting for the crowd and enticing for the audience; they help set the tone during sessions and ensure that everyone is in the correct location at the correct time. Getting creative with push notifications can definitely add to the fun factor, as well as the in-app Activity Feed and Image Gallery.


The Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is set up much like activity feeds found in other forms of social media; attendees and admins can post relevant thoughts, questions, and ideas on the Activity Feed throughout the event, with the ability to “like” and comment on posts. The Activity Feed gives off a traditional social media feel, but remains internal and focuses the buzz around your event.


The Image Gallery

The Image Gallery, curated by admins, is another feature of the app that helps tell the story of the event through photos. The Image Gallery, while interesting to view, can also be utilized to draw attendees’ attention in a certain direction, such as an activity or session. In order to motivate attendees to go somewhere or do something, you can post a photo of the potential prize they can win or moment that they have the opportunity to participate in.

The agenda, push notifications, Activity Feed, and Image Gallery are just a few examples of how easily MeetApp can enmesh logistics and fun in one, fluid motion. With MeetApp, you can conquer your two biggest stressors as an event planner in one go: organize the crowd and provide a fun experience.

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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