February 1, 2021

3 Things to Consider When Producing a Virtual or Hybrid Event

Elin Warfvinge
Things to Consider When Producing a Virtual or Hybrid Event

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What kind of experience are you creating?

Producing a virtual or hybrid event might seem like rocket science when you first start out, but it doesn’t have to be that challenging. To help you get started, we have created a model to guide you in deciding what kind of experience you should create for your event and how to deliver that experience successfully.


Start by considering these 3 factors


1. Interactivity

Are you planning one-way presentations with guided interactions using event tools, or something more collaborative with open discussions? Or perhaps both?

2. Quality

Are you looking to create a highly polished production like “The Tonight Show,” or something simple like a virtual roundtable?

3. Cost

Do you have a large budget for lighting, cameras, backdrops, and an AV staff or is this a lower budget event with simple webcams?


What does your experience include?

When you know what kind of experience you are planning, the next thing to consider is what kind of event tech you should use to deliver that experience. Different tools serve different purposes, so make sure to choose tech that matches the goals and needs of your event.

General and Plenary Sessions

  • Larger audiences
  • Primarily one-way presentation
  • Good for keynotes, panels, etc.
  • Guided interaction with MeetApp Q&A, polling, and more

Recommended live stream or webinar tools:

  • Zoom
  • YouTube Live
  • GoToWebinar
  • MeetApp

Breakouts and Workshops

  • Smaller audiences
  • Very collaborative with multi-way communication
  • Good for individual sessions, workshops, etc.
  • Open interaction with MeetApp Q&A, polling, and more

Recommended meeting tools:

  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • MS Teams
  • MeetApp


How MeetApp delivers the experience

Whatever your virtual or hybrid event needs are, MeetApp helps you deliver a complete and easy-to-use experience.

All-in-one live stream & meeting delivery

Easily connect your audience with an all-in-one experience. Quickly integrate your favorite live stream, webinar, or meeting tool.

Accessible from anywhere at any time!

Whether your attendee is sitting in their home on their desktop or is on-the-go with their mobile device, you can seamlessly keep them engaged so they never miss a moment.

Interact in a fun and motivational way

Drive your remote audience through push notifications and create fun interactions with a powerful suite of audience response tools, gamification, and more.

Easily distribute all your relevant content

Deliver all your event content in real time and make sure your attendees have what they need for a personalized experience.

Create meaningful connections

Give your remote attendees the opportunity to connect with each other at any time – before, during, or after any event.


Need a coach?

Whether you are staying virtual or planning on going hybrid, there are many variables that contribute to the success of your upcoming events. MeetApp’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Tech Experts can help you shape your next virtual or hybrid event to get you on the right path.

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