Are you one of those event planners that has been planning the same event for years and has always considered using an event app, but is worried about how to weave it into the event and how your audience will receive it? As it turns out, incorporating an event app into your event is much simpler than it may seem and, once it has been established, you will find that it makes a huge impact on the overall experience. As an event planner, something to keep in mind is how you will utilize the app throughout the entire process of planning, executing and concluding your event. To get the most optimal results, your app should be integrated throughout your whole process.


# 1 – Before the Event

This is your “acquisition” period where you should begin promoting the app alongside your promotions for the event. As you begin your email marketing for your event, you should also send attendees links to download your event app. In these marketing campaigns, you can send people QR codes to access your app; this is a call-to-action that initiates attendees to download the app once they’ve registered.

Once your attendees have had several opportunities to download the app, you should start promoting the event in-app to build excitement—this will also help attendees get acclimated to using your event app. Delivering relevant content (supplementary information and materials connected to your event) via the app and posting fun things in the Activity Feed (questions, photos of the set-up process, contests—anything that incentives your audience) will help them adjust to the platform while simultaneously getting them excited for your event.


# 2 – During the Event

When the day of your event arrives, you should offer download help at the check-in table to ensure that all of the attendees have access to your app and understand how to use it. Prior to the start of your event, you should have the Dialogue feature cued up and ready to go as needed so that your attendees can begin participating and interacting right away. The Dialogue feature, one of the most heavily used features in MeetApp, is the source of directional push notifications that move the crowd; it is also where attendees can interact amongst each other and the method in which polls and surveys are distributed to attendees after sessions and activities.

Push notifications are going to be your best friend throughout the duration of your event because it is the prime way of communicating to your attendees. As opposed to emails, intercom announcements, and signage, you’ll find that push notifications are the most effective way to convey information and are perfect for keeping attendees on the same page in the midst of your event.


# 3 – After the Event

Once your event has concluded, you can continue to use your app to deliver key presentation collateral that attendees might find interesting post-event. These materials can include handouts, resources, presentation scripts, and other relevant content that reinforces the main ideas addressed at the event. You can also deliver registration information for the next event through the app—sending attendees this information through a push notification shortly after the wrap-up of your event encourages continued attendance at the rest of your events because you are reaching attendees while it’s fresh in their mind and through a channel that they have around-the-clock access to.

An event app can be a great enhancement to your event before, during, and after your event—and, if used accordingly, you’ll be able to deliver the most information to your attendees you can in an organized and digestible manner that provides them with the best experience possible.