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Beyond being just
an event platform

Our Knowledge base is full of editorial videos, tips and tricks and we are just one
phone call or email away, support is always included.

Impactful events,  meetings and communities where people feel they belong

Event page
Event page
Customize your event's look with ease. Apply your logo and colors to the event and registration page and the app for a unique touch.
Registration and ticketing
With the built-in tool, you have complete control over your event management. You can sell tickets as part of Ventla Invite and handle all payment processing securely. No IT skills are required.
Native apps and web app
Our native app provides access without internet. Stay informed with reliable push notifications and be ready anytime, anywhere.
Video streaming
Promote dialogues with seamless streaming integration. Explore our 'Evergreen' option for
365 days of accessible and relevant content
Data & insights
Use data insights to refine strategies for future experiences, ensuring informed decisions that benefit each upcoming gathering.

Inform and engage in a personalized way at the right time

Data security

Data security and compliance focused

One click event marketing

One-click event marketing webpage

Invitation and email management

Invitation and email management

Customizable menus and icons

Customizable menu names and icons

Push notification

Push notifications directly in the app

Stream into ventla

Stream into Ventla from your streaming provider

Distributing information

Distributing information

Personalizeable program

Personalizable program with auto reminders

Live Q&A

Live Q&As, polls, quizzes or surveys 

Shared interests

End users can match based on shared interests


List participants, speakers and sponsors


Group capabilities for networking

Interal social feeds

social feeds

Image gallery

Image gallery to build brand


Gamification with 12 quests and leaderboard

Polls and surveys

Answer polls and surveys in real time

Display polls

Display polls as graphs, word or emoji clouds etc

Share polls and responses

Share polls and responses in real time

Easy and quick

Easy and quick to set up

Program and participant upload

Program and participant upload through Excel

Copy former events

Copy former events for reoccurring activities

Drink and food vouchers

Create drink or food vouchers

Ticketing and streaming

Ticketing and scanning options

CRM connection

CRM connection
via Zapier

There's a world of potential waiting for you! Explore more
on our features list.

Our Knowledge base is full of editorial videos, tips and tricks and we are just one
phone call or email away, support is always included.
Our greatest achievements stem directly from the successes of our customers
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