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About our company

At Ventla, we're a team of skilled professionals passionate about making your experiences successful and memorable. Our diverse expertise in technology and event design positions us to meet your needs and help craft events that resonate and connect people. Together we bring your vision to life, turning every occasion into an engaging experience where people belong.
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Technology security

Seamless technology and reliable security

Ventla combines event and communications planning expertise with robust technology for reliable, live experiences. Our platform is built for ease and stability in dynamic settings, from significant meetings to real-time interactions. We focus on Data Security and Compliance through out our operations, ensuring information safety and following industry-standards. Trust Ventla for smooth, secure solutions for your projects.

Engagement. Inclusion. Belonging.

These aren't just words to us; they're our guiding principles. In a world rich with human connections, we focus on fostering a sense of community and building lasting trust. Driven by the diversity of our clients, we strive to provide you with the tools to craft inclusive experiences. Our goal is to ensure every interaction is not just memorable, but also deeply meaningful.
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Tailored experiences worldwide

Our services are tailored for customers worldwide, mindful of different time zones and specific requirements. We specialize in facilitating experiences across the globe, always available and responsive to our clients' needs. Our platform is designed to be adaptable and straightforward, suitable for various international settings. This focus on practical, global support makes us a reliable choice for clients everywhere.

Meet part of our Team

We're a client focused team, each driven by a passion for creating inclusive and memorable experiences. Our goal? To collaborate with you in ensuring every attendee feels welcomed and valued, transforming each gathering into long lasting significant and impactful experiences.

Ann-Sofie ”Annsi” Krol


Isak Heurgren Kotevski

Account Executive

Johan Lindhoff

Channel Partner Manager

Jacob Hedengren

Head Of Customer Experience

Izabell Bond

Client Success & Account Manager

Zandra Lundin

Lead Client Success

Kevin Padilla

Sr. Client Success Manager

Ryan Young

Sr. Account Executive

Marcus Falck

CTO & Co Founder

Lilly Bisht

HR Manager of Ventla India

Anuj Gupta

CEO of Ventla India
Our greatest achievements stem directly from the successes of our customers
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