6 Ways Event Apps Allow Companies to Take the Lead

Elin Warfvinge

Planning and hosting an event involves an overwhelming number of details and moving parts. It’s easy for events to spin out of control, and when they do, it reflects poorly on the company in charge. But with an event app, you can keep control and take the lead with your next event.

We all know that planning and running an event, whether it be small or large, involves juggling many, many different things.

It is easy for the event to start getting away from you, especially once participants get involved. They pepper event staff with questions, they object to how things are being done, and request unexpected accommodations, among a host of other complications.

Sometimes, through no lack of planning and effort on your part, an event can start feeling like it’s controlling you, instead of the other way around.

But if you had used a professional event app, no number of unexpected wrenches in your plans could have knocked things out of balance.

Don’t believe it’s as simple as that?

Here are 6 ways that an event app will put the control back in your hands and allow you to truly take the lead in your next event.


1. Control Info Flow

Before the event even begins, you can ensure that the information is out there for all to see and access easily. From registration and ticketing information, reminder and RSVP emails, to agendas, room numbers, presentation information and so much more.

All through an app, you can make sure no piece of information is left out and make sure that no attendee or participant has an excuse for not knowing what’s up. This takes away a lot of the human error element of having to rely on numerous people to disseminate information and risk 1) that the information never gets out and 2) that misinformation gets out.
This also frees up your event staff from lots of time-wasting questions!
Finally, it’s also an easy way to disseminate information from presentations themselves. An event app lets you send out important documents and videos provided by presenters to all of the attendees, saving time and preventing frustration for participants who would otherwise have to hunt down the presenter or event staff to get the materials.


2. Control the Changes

Did one of your rooms have a technical problem and lead you to a last-minute room change? No problem! Rather than having to accept the ensuing chaos, send out real-time notifications to all participants, so they can instantly know the new location.

All changes to the program – announcements about rooms, times, speaker changes, etc. – you can control them from one simple app and stay one step ahead of mayhem. The user end will feel as smooth and seamless as if those changes were always the original plan anyway.


3. Control the Conversation

Many event management apps, like MeetApp, allow for real-time dialogue within the event as a whole as well as within individual presentations or activities.

Besides allowing the audience to participate in a non-interruptive way, it also gives you and/or the presenter the ability to determine which questions and comments need to be addressed on a larger scale in the moment, rather than be forced to waste time on less helpful dialogue.
It allows for attendee participation while still allowing you to stay in the lead with the conversation.


4. Control the Feedback

A quality event app will also allow you to create evaluation forms and surveys for the event as a whole as well as for individual elements within the event.

By creating and making these instantly available to your attendees as well as presenters, you can get useful, constructive feedback in a way that benefits all parties. It also ensures there is a healthy outlet for critique and helps avoid awkward voiced frustrations at inappropriate times and places throughout the event.


5. Control the Brand

With apps like MeetApp, you can even create a self-branded app that puts your brand in the hand of your participants. This is an excellent way to enhance and spread the brand even further at minimal marketing costs.

You can rest assured knowing that regardless of whether the other branded marketing materials worked well or not, by the end of your event, your brand will be firmly placed in the memory of your participants.


6. Control the Media

We all know what an enormous role social media now plays, especially in conferences and seminars. Constant tweet updates, Instagram pics, and even FB postings allow for greater awareness of the event for those who didn’t attend this time, and also allow for the conversation to continue outside of the event itself. Social media plays a very valuable role.

Through event apps, you can display social feeds in real-time across multiple platforms through the meeting app or even via a large screen. This allows everyone to keep up with the conversation and encourages those who may not have participated to jump in, which will only encourage even greater participation both inside and outside the event and guarantee greater event exposure.


Ready to Lead Your Next Event?

If you have an event on the horizon, now is the time to get started with your event app. MeetApp has all of the tools and features you could possibly need to lead a successful event from start to finish.

Don’t put it off – get the app today and see what a difference it makes!

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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