Everything you need in one place

Are you getting tired of answering the same question over and over again, or are you just looking for a handy way to keep your attendees informed and engaged at your meetings and events? With MeetApp, you can gather all kinds of information and communication about your event in one place. This makes it easier for your attendees to find and access your information, you can make changes and updates with just a few clicks, and you can keep everyone up to speed on developments and milestones even after the event has been completed.


Guide your attendees with convenient push notifications

Did you know that your event app is like a personal assistant to your attendee? When you gather all your information and communication about your event in the app, your attendees will have everything they need in the palm of their hand. Then, when you want to update them on something particularly exciting or important, or just guide them through the event in an easy and convenient way, all you need to do is to send out a push notification. See what Kantar did at their last annual Breakthrough Summit, where they used their event app to guide their participants throughout the event.


Distribute your event information in an efficient and sustainable way

As you know, printing out programs, name tags, information signs, maps, directions and other things for your conferences has ha negative impact on the climate. However, you can easily decrease your event’s carbon footprint by gathering all your information in your event app. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, your event app can take care of distributing your information. Use the app to gather things like:

  • Reading material and workshop instructions
  • Speaker bios and presentation decks
  • Handouts, flyers and brochures
  • Videos (presentations, instructions, promotions etc.)
  • Exhibitor and partner information
  • Goodie bags (special offers, coupons, giveaways etc.)
  • …and anything else you want your attendees to have access to

In this way, you’re making it easy for your attendees to find the information they need, while at the same time reducing the CO2 emissions from your event.