May 2, 2021

Ventla vs Zoom & Other Web Conferencing Platforms

Amanda Grenier

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You might find yourself wondering, “what is the difference between MeetApp and other platforms like Zoom?” There are tons of other video conferencing apps out there such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, UberConference (and what ever happened to Skype, right?) With this vast array of options, how is it possible choose and what can MeetApp provide that other web conferencing platforms cannot? For starters, you can still use your favorite livestream platforms within MeetApp – but there’s more where that came from…



MeetApp’s platform is not only hybrid-friendly, but extremely customizable to optimally suit a hybrid event. With MeetApp, your virtual and in-person audience can experience the same thing simultaneously without all of the hiccups that can happen with a hybrid event. MeetApp’s technology guarantees a unified experience for all participants regardless of where they are tuning in from.


Push notifications

Unlike other leading conferencing apps, you can send your attendees push notifications. That’s right—you can reach thousands of audience members with the click of a button and they will all receive the message at the same time which makes it much easier to keep everyone on the same page.



MeetApp allows attendees to chat during and after lectures. These features increase networking and engagement among attendees because they have the option to send their responses and reactions while a meeting is happening. Attendees also have the option to connect with one another privately through direct messages, or publicly on the many feeds that can be available to participants 24/7.



You can “have it your way” with MeetApp’s 100% customizable platform. MeetApp can use your branding, icons, and colors to make your app aesthetically unique to your brand. Also, you can add or drop any number of features in order to organize your app exactly how it will best serve your purpose and audience.



Recently, MeetApp began to offer ancillary AV support services because we understand how many tasks you’re juggling right now. We’re positive that technical difficulties are the last thing you want to worry about when it comes time for your virtual or hybrid event. MeetApp’s friendly and supportive staff will always be available to assist in any way to make your life as easy as possible.


Admin Reporting System

As an admin of the app, you can track your event’s success rate with MeetApp’s comprehendible, yet thorough, reporting system. With this system, you can gauge your audience’s impressions, achievement, and participation level which can be a useful tool in creating future successful events.

Those are just a handful of the many perks of using MeetApp to host an exciting, fun, and productive virtual or hybrid conference. What’s more, you can even integrate platforms like Zoom and Teams into your app for supplementary streaming. That’s right – MeetApp can support other streaming platforms among a whole host of other features and customizations.

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