April 22, 2019

Push Notifications: How to Successfully Wrangle the Crowd

Elin Warfvinge

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If you’re an event professional, you probably know that changes to your event’s agenda are inevitable and often last-minute. You probably want to panic at the thought of an unforeseen change to the day’s plan because this means that all of your attendees need to be made aware and corralled in the right direction—the good news is that a push notification can take all of the stress and hassle away from this momentary crisis.


Push for paperless

Kantar Millward Brown, one of the world’s largest insight, information, and consultancy groups, was able to successfully move their crowd through push notifications at their annual Digital CMO Summit. One of their main goals at this event was to go completely paperless, so they used push notifications as a means to coordinate and guide attendees. Kantar’s progressive approach to technology led to a 100% adoption rate by their attendees and the cultivation of their own media channel allowed people to gain insight that they wouldn’t have otherwise gained through basic paper materials.

A good practice in push notifications that Kantar demonstrated was sending push notifications to guide the audience from session to session. Kantar also utilized push notifications after the conference to ensure that everyone caught their bus and to provide them with dinner and entertainment options.


Inform attendees in real-time

Kantar made great use of push notifications when last-minute changes to the agenda popped up because they were able to inform the attendees in real-time; push notifications give you efficient, real-time access to your audience, so there’s no longer a need to panic when the unexpected happens.

No matter how big or small your event is, push notifications have the ability to effectively move the crowd and keep them informed in real-time without the confusion and stress that typically comes with ensuring that a group of people are on the same page.

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