Five ways to Monetize your Event App

Elin Warfvinge

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to promote your partners, sponsors and exhibitors before and during an event. Perhaps they have contributed to your event in exchange for exposure, or your association is run with the help of a number of business partners, or you might be organizing a trade show with several exhibitors. No matter what type of event you’re arranging, using an event app to promote your sponsors and partners is a very attractive and effective way to reach your goal.


Promote sponsors with banners

With banner ads in the app, you can expose a variety of sponsors and partners with textimage and a link to an external page with more information or offers for the participant. The various banner ads run continuously so that everyone gets the same exposure in the app, and you can follow click statistics through MeetApp’s admin panel.


Highlight partners in the menu

Promote each partner with a powerful, informative and inspiring text, a main image and logo icon. Post a link to their website or other external information and add descriptive material such as videosPDFs and offers. Gather all partners in a folder and pin it to the event’s main menu to ensure that participants can easily access the information.


Sponsor push notifications to reach participants

Want to make sure the participants know your sponsors? Maybe you have a partner with a really good offer? Then you should use sponsored push notifications. A push notification works much like a text message and is sent directly to the participant’s phone. Here you can enter text, a picture and link to more information or offers. The push notification can be written and sent directly or scheduled to send automatically at a time of your choice.


Hold a session in collaboration with your partner

Have your partners sponsor an inspiring talk or workshop during the event. In the program you add a related item with your partner’s image and link to their presentation page, where more informationvideosPDFs and offers will be available to the participant.


Enter your partners’ contact information in the participants list

Do you want participants to be able to easily connect with your partners and sponsors? Then you can add them to the participants list! Here you present them with a picturenamee-mailphone number, links to website and social media, as well as a short presentation text. Not only is it another way to promote a partner, it also makes it super easy for the participant to find what they’re looking for and get in touch, since they can search for a company and add the contact information to their phone with just one click.


Bonus Tip – Maximize Your Profits with Gamification!

Combine exposure in the app with a sponsored contest. Create a questionnaire in the app’s Dialogue section, where you ask question about each sponsor and give three response options. Then give your participants the opportunity to find the answers to all questions by talking to sponsors during the breaks, searching the app and clicking on banners. Hand out great prizes in collaboration with the sponsors to all participants who receive a full pot!

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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