Three Ways a Mobile App Will Improve Your Next Training Event

Elin Warfvinge

Boost the productivity of your next training event with a trustworthy conference app. More than likely, your employees already spend a majority of their time with a smartphone device in their hand. It’s no surprise that with technological advances on the rise, an event app will turn wasted time into productivity.

An event mobile app can improve your next training event drastically with on the go training, collaborative activities, and engaging presentations. Bringing forward a new way to work and learn. Utilizing mobile apps for your next event gives you the opportunity to share sources of media including videos, podcasts, audio, and more.

In addition, an event app keeps everyone on the same page as the event gets closer to its date. These bite-sized learning opportunities make all the difference – let’s look at three ways a mobile app can improve the quality of your next training event.


On the Go Training

In the fast-paced society that we live in, individuals are so dependent on their smartphone devices. They help us stay updated with the world around us, keeping us alert to upcoming events, or help us wake up in the mornings! We’re so reliant on smart devices because they truly make life easier. Mobile apps for events keep everyone on the same page for upcoming events.

An event app also makes upcoming events easier. Event apps for training and professional development can easily be accessed by employees or personnel anywhere and anytime. Keeping everyone on the same page as events get closer to their date gives trainees access to all important content, consequently giving them time to prepare and get ready.


Collaborative Activities

Who said training events must be boring? To motivate your audience, event apps can help you create meetings involving gamification. There are many apps that allow you to utilize activities and games to teach specific concepts to employees. Game-based mobile apps improve engagement and keep audiences interested with hands on learning styles.

Mobile training apps have shown improved engagement and participation from audiences. Since not everyone feels comfortable or enjoys speaking in public, custom conference apps help them feel more at ease when sharing their ideas on a virtual platform. Everyone with access to the mobile app can freely participate in the discussion and easily stay up to date with everything around them. This can greatly benefit your organization by building stronger teams.


Engaging Presentations

PowerPoint is a great application for presentations, however, after a while, the slides seem never ending and audience’s attention spans diminish. There is nothing more monotone than a 50-slide presentation. A custom conference app will allow you to get creative with your presentations and break away from traditional computer-based training methods.

Consequently. a customized event app allows you to get creative with videos, audio recordings, e-books, and so much more. The best part is that all businesses can create their own app for events or design a custom conference app that includes their own training programs through mobile applications. This option is great for training events and a great alternative to boring PowerPoint presentations.



Customized event apps may be the best way to increase the productivity of your staff! Finding the right app for events is essential when planning new hire orientations, product launches, or other events of this sort. A trustworthy app for events is also a fantastic way to receive attendance feedback and thank everyone for attending.

As long as trainees have a smartphone or tablet, they will receive notifications of upcoming events or important reminders. The benefits of finding an event app to train and engage employees are never ending. Perhaps it’s time to break away from traditional training methods and switch to a mobile event app!

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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