April 3, 2018

3 Ways You Can Customize Your Event App to Fit Your Conference Theme

Elin Warfvinge

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If you have a conference coming up in the future and already have made the decision to use an event app, then congratulations! Your event will be sure to be a huge success and flow smoothly, thanks to the help of a small but powerful app that can help you and your guests to stay on the same page throughout the goings-on during the event.

From keeping everyone on track with an up-to-date schedule to being able to prominently display things like hashtags you want used on social media. To display social media and news feeds, include necessary information, allow your guests to engage and participate in the conference, keep your guest tickets in an easy-to-access location, and more.

Your guests will certainly thank you for going the extra mile to develop an event app for your conference!

But if you’re going to have an event app to help your guests get through the day smoothly while taking the most advantage of everything you have set up for them to do, why not go all the way and make sure that your app has been customized to fit the theme of your conference?

You read that right. There are ways you can design your event app to be a seamless expansion of your conference itself, blending in with the theme and integrating flawlessly with every aspect of your event. Here’s some ways you can make that happen:


#1: Create a Strong Visual

With an event app for your conference, you can make sure that your colors, themes, and logo seamlessly extend onto your guests’ phones. An event app allows you to customize the look of the digital interface, creating a strong visual presence. In the palm of your participants’ hands, they will be able to access all sorts of resources that you can provide them with to enhance their experience of your event to the max! All the while, the app will bear the colors and images of your brand, making it easy to integrate into your conference’s theme.


#2: Cater to Your Audience’s Interests

What is your target audience? A younger generation that’s enamored with social media? Or a vocal group who will want to participate and make their voices heard? People trying to network who will want to connect with others? There are so many different options you’ll have with an event app as far as features you want to include – but not all of them might be of interest to your target audience. You probably wouldn’t want to prominently display a Twitter feed for your hashtag of choice at an event where your target audience is primarily from an older generation who is not as familiar with the medium. In that case, you’d probably do better instead to feature options for trivia, polls, open questions, and opportunities for active dialogues.

In short, know your audience and give them opportunities for features that they would enjoy – and make those easily accessible to them! Your audience is an integral part of your conference’s theme, so make sure that they are represented in your event app!


#3: Use the App from Beginning to End

With end-to-end features, your app can be part of your event process from check-in to evaluation. This way, your attendees will be familiar with your app’s interface before they arrive at the event, and the look and feel of your app easily blends in with your conference’s theme.


The Verdict

Custom event apps offer a lot of opportunities for variation and features, but if you include all of them, you can easily end up overwhelming your guests and making the app feel disjointed and like there is no uniting theme.

To make sure that your event app flows smoothly with the theme of your conference, pay attention to the colors and images you choose to use and allow them to correspond with those you’re using in banners, decoration, and other promotional material.

Ask yourself which features your target audience will be interested in and include those options! And make sure that your app is a consistent part of the process, so your users have time to familiarize themselves with it prior to the end.

With all of this and a quality custom event app, your audience will be sure to be impressed with your event and have every opportunity to get the most out of their experience at your conference!

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