July 10, 2017

Why We Should Use Apps for Events and Conferences

Elin Warfvinge

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For conferences and events, everything is easier when you take advantage of the MeetApp event engagement app! Designed to streamline the entire process involved in setting up and organizing a conference, an event app makes it easier for participants to get event information and for admins to organize all the details that go into making a successful event. An event app lets you:

  • Set up check ins for conferences
  • Update participants about events
  • Streamline itineraries and daily agendas
  • Share videos, images, maps, and links
  • Send push notifications
  • Facilitate engagement and networking
  • Create social media feeds and increase event visibility
  • Simplify and consolidate admin tasks

The key to a successful conference or event is all about planning and organizing, and an event app lets you do it all from one, easy-to-navigate platform!


Conference Check-Ins

Throw out those piles of conference attendee lists—the conference check-in feature is here! With an event app, you can streamline the registration, ticketing, and check-in process. Import contacts, issue event invitations e-mails, register participants, and send out digital in-app tickets all in one place.


Event Updates

You could spend hours writing e-mails about changes to conferences events, keynote speakers, venues, and more. But with a conference app, keeping participants updated is as easy as hitting a few buttons. From event schedules, meeting notes, to presentation materials and more, the conference app has all the organizing tools you and your participants need to prepare for the big event.

Streamlined Schedules

As the event comes together, it’s inevitable that there will be changes to the schedule, possibly multiple times before it’s finalized. Whether it’s room numbers, panel participants, organizational outings, or more, there’s a number of moving parts in a conference that can make last-minute schedule changes a hassle. With an event app, your event participants can always have the most up-to-date itineraries, right in the palm of their hands.


Sharing Multimedia Files

To create a truly memorable experience, check out the multi-media sharing feature! With multimedia functionality, you can add videos, event photos, website links, and maps for the conference. The integrated web functionality lets you share websites, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and other web-based content directly in the app! An event image gallery lets you post pics of the event and showcase key moments. Or take the event to a new dimension with the VR-feature, which lets you create 360 degree images.


Push Notifications and Reminders

Even with careful planning, there’s always the chance that a last-minute change will take place. Don’t rely on e-mails that can be ignored or missed in overcrowded inboxes. Try push notifications instead! Push notifications let you send reminders in the days leading up to the event and instant, real-time notifications for changes that crop up throughout the conference day.



Networking drives success for organizations and event attendees alike. Help grow your contact list and facilitate networking amongst event participants through network functionality. An instant dialogue feature creates conversation spaces for participants and even lets them send questions and answers directly to the event moderator. From checking out who else is at the event to saving and sharing contact information, the power to create and mobilize networks is in your hands.


Like, Share and Post on Social Media

Get the word out about your event and make it easier for your participants to brag about it by taking advantage of the in-built social media features! Social media increases your event’s visibility and works faster and reaches more audiences than traditional word-of-mouth. The MeetApp social media feature lets you build social media feeds right in the app, and integrate multiple feeds and platforms all in one place.


Organize and Simplify Admin Tasks

From content distribution to engaging participants with event polls, all the admin tasks can be streamlined onto one, user-friendly platform. Improve brand identity, generate revenue through sponsorship ads, and get feedback from your participants, all with one event app. Administrative mastery has never been easier!

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