If the past year taught us anything, it’s that anything can change at any minute. Life has always had an element of unpredictably and now we’ve learned that unpredictably can be more than a little rain on your parade. Instead of having to raincheck your event, there are ways to ensure that the show still goes on, even if it has to happen from hundreds (or thousands) of individual living rooms. Hybrid events are becoming much more predominant in the industry, but if there’s ever a need to convert back to fully virtual, these five tips will make revamping your format at the eleventh hour a cinch.

Evaluate what can go wrong

The first and most important rule of imparting a contingency plan is understanding what can go wrong. From AV failure to another lockdown, it’s important to analyze every detail that can impact your ability to host an event. Your hybrid event has the potential to transform into a virtual one while your live event might need to take a hybrid route should in-person interaction need to be minimized again. Look at every aspect of your event and have a plan for the possibility of reformatting on the fly.


Keep attendees & speakers in the loop

Make sure your attendees and speakers are aware of the possibility of having to attend the event virtually if the original format needs to be changed. With MeetApp event technology, it’s easy and quick to communicate with your audience through push notifications and in-app messaging so they are notified quickly and immediately. We make it simple to mass communicate changes to your event, especially if you’re dealing with thousands of people spread out across the globe.


Have technological backup

Whether your event is live, hybrid, or virtual, technological failure is a constant possibility.  MeetApp now offers ancillary AV services bundled with the app to give you extra backup on the technological front. MeetApp’s AV professionals are reliable, friendly, and can troubleshoot issues quickly. You won’t have to worry about blurry cameras, muffled microphones, or connection issues with MeetApp’s competent AV team; they’ll be with you every step of the way.


Stick to your agenda

Cancelling your event no longer has to be an option. With MeetApp, it’s fully possible to stick to the same agenda whether your event is in-person or virtual. With a little tweaking of the schedule and engagement methods, you can still accomplish the same goals virtually as you can in-person. If your hybrid event becomes fully virtual, all you essentially need to do is clue your in-person attendees in on the virtual agenda – because you already had one put together anyways. If your live event turns hybrid, MeetApp’s platform can seamlessly connect your in-person and virtual attendees in a way that makes everyone feel involved and excited.


Use an app like MeetApp for easy translation

No matter what happens, event technology like MeetApp acts as your insurance plan to any bump in the road. MeetApp’s platform supports virtual, hybrid, and live events; regardless of how the event plays out, MeetApp guarantees a memorable and productive experience for everyone. You don’t have to worry about your agenda getting lost in translation, your virtual attendees experiencing screen-fatigue, or even a last-minute change of format. MeetApp is prepared for unpredictability, all you need to do is relax and remain resilient to the rain.