The first – and most important – thing you need to do to get participants to download and use the app is to make sure they understand the value of it. Different people are motivated by different things, so think about what might get your colleagues’ and participants’ attention. Here are some tips to help you get started:


Set clear goals

In order for you to get as much out of your app as possible, it is important to include it in the planning and objectives around your meetings and events from the beginning. Set goals linked to usage so that everyone (including you) gets incentive to use the app.


Provide several opportunities for participants to download and start using the app

  • When you invite people to the meeting, send a link to the app’s download page in App Store and Google Play and tell them how you will use the app during the meeting or event.
  • Send a few reminders, maybe a few weeks and a few days before the meeting, and point out that it is in the app that the participant will find all the information they need (skip the paper information, gather everything in the app instead!)
  • On the day of the meeting you can eg. have information signs in place, welcome participants and help them download the app, present the app on stage and tell everyone why the it’s used and what they get out of it, etc.


Help participants see both the fun and important sides of the app – give incentives

Do you have colleagues who still don’t get the hang of it? You have explained the usefulness of the app and clearly motivated why the participants should download it, but there are still some who come to you during the meeting and wonder when the next session starts or what you will eat for lunch. Sometimes an extra push may be needed to get everyone on board.

  • Do both yourself and your participants the service to gather all information – and I mean ALL information – in one place. Make sure agendas, information, powerpoint slides, menus, WiFi codes and more are in the app. Sending the program via email can seem nice, but it can just as easily create confusion and waste time (especially if the schedule changes at short notice – those who use the app can easily get updated information in real time!)
  • Sprinkle the app with fun content! Upload a welcome greeting from the CEO, use the Activity Feed to get the discussion going and induce laughter, and post pictures from the fun times of your last conference in the Image gallery.
  • Get the competition going! Challenge your colleagues in a “best photo”-contest in the Activity Feed, make a pop quiz in the Dialogue feature and hand out nice awards to those who are most active in the app’s Gamification challenge.
  • Attract people with exclusive opportunities! Let people sign up for the group activities or the After Work party in the app – perhaps hand out a goodie bag to the first 10 who sign up?

These are just a few suggestions that we have seen work for others using the app. You know best what makes your colleagues and participants tick, so use the tricks you think might work in your case.

An event app is a convenient tool for creating effective, fun and memorable meetings and events. Increase the value of your meetings for both you and your attendees by gathering information, interaction and networking in one place, and opening up valuable discussions and new opportunities outside the scope of your meeting, using MeetApp.