February 18, 2021

Deconstructing the Virtual & Hybrid Event Experience

Elin Warfvinge
Deconstructing the Virtual & Hybrid Event Experience

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We’ve seen many changes in 2021 with attempts to restore our old way of life, including finding a way to host events for large amounts of people. In the beginning of the pandemic, most events went fully virtual, but as we pioneer a safer future, hybrid events are becoming the new standard.


Key differences between virtual & hybrid events

Let’s start by breaking down the key differences between virtual and hybrid events: a virtual event is totally remote, whereas a hybrid event has some attendees that are remote and some that are gathered in-person at the venue.

With hybrid events, an attendee can be remote as an individual or remote as part of a small group; it is becoming common for attendees to cluster off and stream in small gatherings called hubs. This specific type of hybrid event is called a “round robin”: when the livestream shifts between several hubs, all participating from different locations.


Hybrid events are evolving

Virtual, hybrid, and “round robin” are becoming the three main models of conference-going today. Though hybrid events can be streamed from a single location, it is becoming increasingly more common to stream from several hubs.

With a traditional hybrid model, the online stream would be broadcast from a single location, usually from the in-person gathering point. However, with a “round robin” model, the event’s broadcast is decentralized as the stream shifts between all of the isolated hubs involved.


Prioritize attendee engagement & connection

Whichever model you decide is best for your event, MeetApp is ready to maximize your event experience. Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or “round robin” MeetApp’s platform prioritizes engagement and connection amongst all attendees.

Traditional livestreams can be isolating, cold, and—we’ll just say it—boring. However, MeetApp’s technology makes it easy for everyone to feel included, energized, and connected to one another regardless of location.


Make sure all attendees have the same great experience

Using MeetApp for your event doesn’t require expansive amounts of technology or equipment. MeetApp is suitable for virtual and in-person attendees with the ability to seamlessly pivot from one platform to the other. MeetApp’s technology ensures that all attendees have the same experience, facilitating participation between live and virtual audiences.

Hosting a virtual or hybrid event is not as cumbersome as you might think. No matter how people attend, everyone will feel like they are part of the same memorable experience – just like old times.

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