October 12, 2022

How Ventla helps you capture your audience (10 simple ways)

Samantha Gennet

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Capturing and maintaining your attendees' interest is one of the most pivotal components of organizing an event or conference.

Strong attendee engagement can elevate your event and will ultimately leave a lasting impression of the experience.

Luckily, Ventla's event platform can help.

If you're stuck brainstorming ways to excite your attendees, we've gathered a few tips that should do the trick.


1. Gamify for better interaction

Creating play amongst your attendees will keep them present and excited for what’s next. Get your attendees warmed up and break the tension by setting up their profiles.

Your attendees can earn points for updating their in-app profile, responding to evaluations during sessions, and answering surveys after program sessions.

You can even display a word cloud with the most popular terminology based on in-program responses to get the conversation flowing among attendees.

Often it can be hard to get attendees to interact with vendors and sponsors. Make it fun and desirable by creating networking competitions.

When attendees interact with vendors, sponsors, and one another, they can earn points by posting to the activity feed.

The winners can then receive a prize based on the number of reactions to their posts- encouraging involvement and friendly competition.

Or start an event scavenger hunt to challenge attendees to interact with sponsors. Attendees can get access codes when they talk to your vendors and sponsors.

They can then use these codes, answers, or phrases to answer questions in the “Dialogue” section of the app to enter a raffle.

Adding this level of gamification brings your audience closer to your sponsors and vendors, making your event more successful and memorable.


2. Bring in virtual components

The biggest challenge is unifying the experience for a hybrid audience. Take advantage of the virtual audience’s flexibility by uploading pre-recorded video content.

With a large portion of the workforce remaining remote, pre-recorded videos allow them to watch in their own time.

Meanwhile, you can schedule Livestream sessions for the important program items everyone needs to attend in real time.


3. Theme your event

Not every event has to be straightforward and business formal. Loosen up and get creative by theming your event.

Customize your in-app icons, graphics, colors, and program descriptions to fit into your theme – based on a celebratory event or a piece of pop culture.

Tie in prize packs, attendee gifts, and on-site decor to the theme within your Ventla app for an immersive experience.

Recently, Virtualitics hosted a Star Wars-themed event with their Ventla app, unveiling the surprise theme of their event in real time.

The attendees watched the platform transform from their company’s branding to Star Wars branding, complete with colors and icons.


4. Continue their education

Ventla is a great space for attendees to continue their education, complete training, and polish their skills.

Administrators can generate quizzes and surveys after the initial event to test their attendees' knowledge and takeaways.

With push notification reminders, administrators can later pull up reports to check attendees’ responses and give credit for answers.


5. Integrate your favorite video services

Integrate some of your favorite streaming sites into your Ventla app. Admins can embed Vimeo, Zoom, and other meeting tools directly into program items or on-demand content.

Using Vimeo integration is secure and ensures that your videos remain private. Plus, attendees can access these videos whenever they want.

Or, for more high-quality video content, use Ventla's native streaming service.

This functionality allows a fully integrated platform with the support of our team, bringing a seamless experience to your attendees.


6. Book the right time with sponsors and vendors

Have attendees interact directly with your sponsors by including personal meeting links within their app profiles.

Attendees can book time with speakers and sponsors for individual meetings, allowing the conversations to continue after the event.

Sponsors will feel confident that their experience was successful.

And they can further connect with attendees by adding them to their favorites list and downloading the attendee contact information directly to their device.


7. Flexibility for change

Let's face it; last-minute changes are bound to happen even to the most perfectly executed event.

If your event has the potential for change, it’s easy for attendees to be misinformed or lost.

With Ventla, you can make last-minute or on-site changes and notify your attendees through push notifications to keep them updated in real-time.

The mobile and web-based app functionality let attendees view a comprehensive schedule layout and curate the event for their own optimal schedules.

They will receive notifications to keep them on time and involved by favoriting their desired program items.


8. Make it hybrid

Strengthen the connection between virtual and in-person audiences by utilizing the direct messaging functionality.

Encourage your attendees to connect and chat about ongoing content.

Plus, get real-time feedback from both audiences with polls and Q&A sessions during program items.

Don't forget to go back and use those gamification techniques to incentivize both groups to get involved in the daily program.


9. Drip campaigns to build excitement

A great way to create buzz and build excitement before the event is to have a drip campaign: release the app weeks before the event and drop little bits of content into the app over time.

You can incentivize your attendees to download the app early with exclusive pre-event content.

And as you add new content, the excitement will build for what is coming next.

This slow release of information is also a great way to get attendees to become familiar with using the app, meaning less time wasted at your event.


10. Promote shared event experiences

There’s no better tried-and-true way to create hype than leveraging your activity feed.

Like mainstream social media platforms, you can curate a private activity feed for your event within the app.

Posting venue photos and creating conversation threads on this feature is an excellent way to keep attendees engaged.

Take it further by creating your own program tags or tying in gamification.

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