July 10, 2017

10 Ways an Event App Saves You Money

Elin Warfvinge

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From booking venues and ordering catering to purchasing ticket exchange services and more, organizing an event can rack up hefty fees. Regardless of your budget, saving money is always a bonus. With MeetApp’s event engagement app, you can save money and time. Check out the 10 ways a customized event app saves money.


Sponsorship Ads

The surest way to increase profit is to generate revenue, and with an event app, not only can you save money—you can make more of it! Monetize the event app by taking advantage of in-app advertising. Get sponsors to use your event app platform and watch their audience grow while your revenues increase.


Cut Back on Event Staffing

With an event app, you can set up registration, integrate in-app digital tickets, and provide check-in services all on one platform! Integrating registration and ticketing into an app means you won’t need to hire staff to work the check-in tables.


Reduce Admin Hours

Organizations typically hire a team of administrators to oversee all the processes involved in setting up and organizing large conferences. But with an event app, all those processes are streamlined into one platform, making it unnecessary to hire a team. Cutting back on administrative staffing saves money, and providing a streamlined app service for the administrative manager saves them time, and saves your organization on billing hours.


Lower Advertising Overhead

With social media features built into the event app, you can save on advertising overhead. Let the event participants do the advertising footwork for you! Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to advertise, and social media platforms have expanded the reach of word-of-mouth. Set up a social media account specifically for the event, and watch as event participants like, share, and increase your audience base.


Minimize Printing Costs

From brochures to itineraries, check-in lists, and more, conferences can mean exorbitant bills for printing services. An event app integrates all of these services into one simple platform. Document sharing, real-time updated schedules, and in-app check in features are just some of the ways that going digital and skipping the printing costs can help save money.


Forget the Web Designer

Don’t worry about spending the money to hire a web designer to set up an event website and design it with your organization’s brand—the event app can provide all those same services for you! From customizable app designs that reflect your brand, with themes, colors, and logos, creating a platform consistent with your brand is easier than ever. Plus, all the information, updates, and schedules that typically go up on the event website can be integrated into the app.


Say Bye-Bye to the Social Media Manager

Hiring a social media manager to maintain social media feeds leading up to and during the event is no longer necessary with the integrated social media functionality. Whether it’s posting and creating hype about the event or generating live footage from the event itself, event organizers can moderate and update event social media pages straight from their phones.


Toss Third-Party Ticket Exchange Service

Large-scale conferences and events generally require subscribing to a third-party ticket exchange service to handle the numerous participants, provide secured payment processes, and issue tickets. Event apps, however, make those third-party services unnecessary. The MeetApp conference app has integrated digital ticket functionality, so you won’t have to pay a third party to handle the event.


Don’t Hire the Photographer

To create an unforgettable conference experience with photos and media that participants can look back on, organizations often hire photographers for the day to take snapshots and videos of key moments. But with the event app, that’s another cost that can be eliminated. The event app provides a space for organizers and participants to share videos, photos, websites, and 360-degree VR-images.


Save Yourself Time

By streamlining event organizing services, an event app saves you time, and your time is definitely worth money. Since the organizers of conferences typically have jobs outside of the event itself, saving time saves everyone money.

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