July 10, 2017

6 Ways to Make Your Event App Better

Elin Warfvinge

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The rising popularity of mobile apps for events large and small is a testimony to the success that event planners have been having with this innovative tool. Not only do they cut down on the use of paper handouts and provide a way to receive attendee feedback, but with enough support from advertisers, they practically pay for themselves.
You think you’ve made a pretty good event app, but attendees just aren’t downloading and engaging with it at the rate that you’d like them to – why not? What are some things you can do to make your app better?


1. Personalize Your App

One way to make your app stand out visually and build your brand awareness is to customize it with your brand logo and colors. While adding your own personal touches are important, it’s even more important that you allow users to personalize the app for themselves. This means allowing them to make their own custom schedules and plan their day right on the app.


2. Organize Your App for Easy Navigation

Mobile apps for events that are hard to navigate get deleted. No one wants to have to tap through four or five different menus to get to what they want – the process should be as streamlined as possible. To your app as efficiently as possible, look at other popular apps to see what they’re doing right and how you can pull off something similar.


3. Make it as Interactive as Possible

If you haven’t integrated polls and attendee surveys into your even app already, start doing it! People are more receptive to apps with high interactivity. This also includes allowing users to connect to social media sites through the app so that they can share photos and updates.


4. Continue to Add New Updates and Incentives

An easy way to improve your app is to extend its lifespan, which you can do by continuing to update it during the event and after the event has ended. Give people a reason not to delete the app by adding content such as event highlights and information about upcoming events. You can even provide promotional incentives such as discounts and deals for loyal users.


5. Provide Support

Keep in mind that not all of your attendees will be comfortable with mobile technology, especially those in the older crowd. This is why providing live, in-person support at the event is a great way to boost the number of people who download and use it. Having someone available to help them download the app and explain how it works can make a world of difference, but if you can’t provide live support, including the instructions in a handout is also useful.


6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

You’ve already done everything listed above, but attendees still aren’t using your event app. What gives?
Even the most perfect mobile apps for events won’t be used without a good promotional strategy. Promotion should begin several weeks before the event, not days before. Sell the interactive and convenient experience that the app will provide during the registration process and in emails. Take advantage of social media strategies – post reminders about the app and sell the benefits in Facebook posts and Tweets.
Promotion shouldn’t end when the event begins – continue to remind attendees about the value of the app by mentioning it at the front door and in keynote speeches.


How to Create Your Own Custom Event App

It’s easier than ever to create mobile event apps that attendees will love with help from MeetApp Event Engagement. Our easy-to-use mobile platform can take any event to the next level by adding interactivity and improved communication to conferences, workshops, employee training, and so much more.
With a huge selection of features, including an invitation system, social media wall, and instant content distribution, you can use MeetApp to customize your apps and to maximize attendee engagement.

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