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By using Ventla, we had great interaction from attendees during the whole conference and also managed to increase the number of evaluations. Ventla helped us improve TechDays.

Sara Kullgren
Sara Kullgren
Director of Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft

How Microsoft almost doubled evaluation responses using Ventla

Microsoft TechDays is Microsoft’s largest annual software developer conference in Sweden, with over 100 online and in‑person sessions. Thousands of IT professionals, managers, and developers come together to hear speakers from around the world present technological solutions to the latest trends in the software industry.

The solution in short:

  • Used instant evaluation features to improve evaluation response rate.
  • Communicated agenda and speaker information through Ventla.
  • Encouraged more participant networking through app.

Business needs

Microsoft values the opinions of their TechDays participants and aims to receive a deep understanding of each session’s relevance. Through a better system of evaluation, Microsoft hoped to:
  • Achieve a higher response rate with more accurate results.
  • Gain feedback on the quality of the speaker.
  • Understand the importance of the content being presented to the audience.
  • Tailor future conferences to better fit the interests of the developer community.


Through the use of Ventla’s instant evaluation feature and other functionalities, Microsoft was able to:
  • Genuinely gauge the audience’s reaction to the speakers and presentations’ content.
  • Attain a higher response rate through Ventla’s ability to send feedback directly after individual sessions.
  • Efficiently communicate agenda, provide speaker and session information, and improve participant networking through a variety of Ventla’s features.


Ventla’s role at Microsoft’s TechDays conference helped evaluation response rates almost double since previous years. Additionally, evaluations were more accurate because participants were able to provide feedback immediately after each session while the experience was still fresh in their minds. As a company that holds audience reception in high regards, Microsoft was able to understand the audience feedback and make adjustments to future conferences.

Along with increased evaluation response rates, Microsoft also utilized Ventla to distribute agenda information and inspire more networking among attendee.
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