Why Event Planners Should Care About Event App Analytics

Elin Warfvinge

As a conference planner, keeping track of who is interacting with you the most online, who are frequent returning attendees, and knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial to success. Today’s event technology, particularly the event app, will constantly collect important data to provide useful analytics. These analytics are the key to understanding and reaching your consumers, making event apps extremely valuable for planners who want to thrive in the business world. If you’re not sure how your event business is doing, then you could be potentially harming your business. Here is why you need to care about a conference app for events and the analytics:


Gathering Valuable Event Data with a Mobile App

As a meeting and event planner, you should already know the importance of keeping track of the number of people who are invited, and who actually attend. With the help of the mobile event app, you will have access to crucial information that will show you who attended, who didn’t, and why.

It will tell you which avenue of marketing worked best, whether that was emails, social media, or Google ads. This will help determine where the majority of your guests bought their tickets from. It will also help you find out why the unattended guests did not proceed to buy a ticket. This way you can improve weak spots in your marketing, and keep executing the tools that have been successful.

On another note, an event mobile app can also perform surveys for your guests, asking them questions to find out how they heard about the conference. In addition, after the conference, a customized event app can even ask guests what they liked and what they didn’t like.


Frequency of Returning Visitors

This metric of the event mobile app will show you how often guests come and how recent their attendance was. This is both for their attendance at the conference itself as well as how often these attendees follow your marketing platforms: email, social media, and website. You will find out if they are staying interested in you, and maybe hoping for news and updates about the big day.

In addition, you will also find out about “unique” guests, guests who find you without receiving any marketing campaigns. These insights will increase your consumer knowledge on who is constantly following you, how new guests are finding you, which audiences resonate with your conferences more, and the frequency of every guest and visitor who has ever been active on your sites.


What You Can Learn from the Event Mobile App Data

The previous information is only a small portion of the type of data you can gather from using an event app. It’s evident that the event app will help market your business most efficiently, however, the method in which you gather your data is determined by the audience you want to attract. Before optimizing the app, take time to understand the best methods to measure your event data. This will help you better understand how the public receives your business and how effective your marketing strategies are.


Important Fact: Event App Analytics Improve Overall Marketing

An event app will overall improve your marketing strategies. Think of it as seeing into your guests’ minds. You will learn what they like most, what marketing tools they react too, and what they want to see again. These are all important things to know when executing your next conference. The better you know your audience the more successful your event will become. Perhaps you will realize many things you did not see before, such as things that you need to improve on that may reveal what was holding your planning business back from success.

The MeetApp mobile app for events will make meetings and conferences easier than ever before, as well as making networking and marketing more effective. Our custom event app is successfully helping business professionals, corporate initiatives, associations, schools and communities.

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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