An awesome ability of MeetApp is the encouragement of collaboration amongst conference attendees. Collaboration is an important part of any event and, sometimes, it’s what can make or break your event. The purpose of almost any event is not only for people to gather for the common consumption of knowledge, but to also have the opportunity to interact and network. Collaborative activities can help foster this culture of networking because it can spark conversation—MeetApp’s functionalities can help facilitate these kinds of conversation-inducing activities.


A constant flow of conversation

A physician organization that has monthly professional development meetings, consisting of about 100 physicians, uses MeetApp to promote collaboration. During the meetings, the administrator breaks the attendees into groups of 10 where a question (a theoretical medical question in their case) will be posed and it’s up to each group to discuss their way through the question. Once time is up, the group “scribe” will submit their findings and then all of the teams will come back together as a whole to discuss all of their answers. Based on audience response to the original question, more questions can be created on the fly causing a constant flow of conversation.


Collaboration is key

Collaboration is a key aspect of any event because it increases dialogue and networking. However, at a conference of hundreds (or thousands) of people, it can be difficult to connect and MeetApp can aid in bringing people together. If people are discussing in small groups, the app can help synthesize all of the conversations that took place, thus creating a bonding experience with a larger group of people. The small groups initiate conversation and then the app can bring all of the ideas together to create a larger, overarching conversation amongst all attendees.

Whether your event has 50 or 500 people, MeetApp can help foster conversation and networking from the person-to-person level to the bigger picture that brought all of your attendees together for an experience of mutual interests and values.