Are you a business owner in search of an innovative way to engage your employees in a new product or service? If so, conference apps and gamification are the latest trends when hosting a memorable conference.

A great way to collaborate with your team, gamification places game mechanics into an event app to give employees a structured learning experience all while earning badges, medals, and recognition. It helps rid your company of disengaged workers and creates effective, empowered people who are all working toward a common goal.

More likely than not, conference planners have mobile apps for events to help them engage with their audience, consequently forming a collaborative mobile community. An event app also helps disseminate information to make sure all attendees receive the same information at the same time. An event mobile app helps get rid of emails or paper copies. Imagine all the time, money and resources this saves!

As games make their ways into these event mobile apps, attendees become more prone to participate at conferences because they will be comfortable with the material and their co-workers. Gamification not only serves in an educational setting, but it is also used as an icebreaker between participants. There are many benefits of gamification and a customized events app that we will get to a little later.


Is an App for Events and Gamification for Your Business?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is going to be yes! However, you want to keep in mind that in order to create seamless interactions among audiences, you want to be aware of who will be attending. A networking app for events can help you keep track of attendees and if gamification is appropriate for participants. While gaming isn’t a forte for everyone, competing in small groups will give everyone the opportunity to help one another. The most important part about gamification is the objective—you want to be sure it is clear, fun and encouraging.


The Benefits of Event Apps and Gamification

  • Break the ice—Games are great icebreakers among co-workers because there is no better way to get to know one another than through some friendly competition! This also gives your attendees an easy way to build connections and interact with one another over topics that are of common interest. Remember, strong relationships make for successful businesses.
  • Presentations—Aside from using an event app to build trust among event attendees, gamification can be used in presentations to spark interest. An alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations, incorporating a game increases engagement and participation. At the end of the conference, conduct a poll or survey. This is a great way to receive feedback and pinpoint where problems lie.
  • Recognition—Be sure you have some prizes ready for winners! This will motivate everyone and make for a memorable experience. The biggest prize is, of course, the knowledge that your employees are receiving, which will help your business grow and succeed. Utilizing gamification within your business has the potential of promoting learning gains through an interactive and fun strategy.


Is an Event Mobile App Helpful?

The purpose of an app for events is to keep you in touch with your selected audience. It helps you prepare in advance and gives you an idea of who will be attending. In addition to this, a customized event app helps create fun and professionalization through the use of polls and surveys. Utilizing these tools will help you organize your conference in a way that is relevant to your attendees.

To conclude, a custom event app and gamification are helpful in terms of keeping everyone up to date and engaged. We offer an amazing custom conference app that helps build lasting connections with like-minded individuals. Not only will our event app help you extend relationships through feedback, achievement, and reward, but when using an event mobile app, you will receive lasting benefits to help your business grow.