August 29, 2017

Maintaining Momentum After a Successful Event

Elin Warfvinge

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After all the effort and hard work that goes into an event, once it is over, it tends to be set aside by attendees. This causes events, conferences, and workshops to be short lived – even if participants are ready to extend the discussion further. This frequently occurs because organizers dismiss post-event communication, which is a big mistake.

After putting energy into strategizing, planning, and ultimately executing, many planners seem to miss the chance for one more extension to participants. That’s where investing in an event app comes in. MeetApp will give your staff the tools they need to deliver rewarding events. It is well worth the additional effort to grow relationships with participants and keep the brand within their top of mind awareness. MeetApp will unleash your audience’s greatest potential and take your workshop, conference, or meeting to the next level.

MeetApp is one of the most innovative event apps on the market, making it a breeze to stay in contact with your attendees before, during, and after your event or meeting. By emphasizing the importance of networking and interactive communication, MeetApp allows users to create a meaningful experience for guests. It’s a simple-to-use, user-friendly, customized event app sure to make attendees keep you in mind well after the event is over.


Remind Your Attendees of Special Event Moments

Thanks to MeetApp’s robust event features, it’s now a leading event app within the industry. MeetApp allows users to integrate a social media wall of all digital platforms within the app. This allows attendees to follow what is trending on social media in real-time without ever having to leave your event mobile app. Organizers will be able to moderate content as well as approve or make edits to texts and images before the post is ever released.

This conference app also enables an event image wall gallery! This effortless visual experience will enhance participants’ involvement long after the event is finished, not to mention, impress guests with a quality picture-sharing platform. What better way to remind attendees of their time well spent?

Having a custom conference app is a great way to keep your close-knitted community intact and stay in touch with attendees in the long run. A tip we recommend is turning key takeaways into visuals or images. This makes sharing items on digital media channels both more interesting and easier for participants.


Unpack the Event with Instant Discussions

If you’ve been to a company event, you understand the number of meeting materials, business cards, and handouts that can build up over time – more often than not, its usefulness finds its way to the trash because of the clutter. That’s why it’s vital to thoroughly discuss and communicate with attendees when their minds are inspired and packed with new insights and strategies. Timing is everything. That’s why finding an app for events that allows users to unpack this information in a forum after a successful workshop or meeting is vital. By doing so, you are letting participants brainstorm within a group, learn the opinion of others, and exercise newly discovered concepts.

Develop Programs Based-On Attendees’ Interest

Once an event is over and done with, take the feedback you’ve learned from your attendees to prepare new sessions, activities, and meetings that they will find interesting in the near future. Staying relevant is everything. In this way, you can proactively take action for your next steps and adjust the program accordingly for upcoming events.

You can also stay in contact with your attendees by playing the role as a matchmaker. Invite, share, and pair your guests up with events and workshops they will find interesting and useful. Over time this will help strengthen your relationship with your audience and increase your brand’s credibility. It’s time to start growing your events in ways you thought were never possible.

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