1. All information that is gathered through the app can easily be exported from the Admin panel. Collect answers, number of clicks on banners, data from the dialogue feature and evaluations and get it all in one excel document.
  2. Inform attendees of action points, what the next step is and if the goals of the conference were met.
  3. Upload photos from the event in the Image gallery.
  4. Create a digital goodie bag with offers from sponsors and partners.
  5. Upload speaker presentations/powerpoints and recordings from lectures and seminars so attendees can easily access it after the event.
  6. Compile the Q&A session into a PDF and upload it under “Information”
  7. With an event app, people that could not attend the meeting can access all the information after the meeting is over, a bonus is that it is also easy for colleagues to share notes.


  1. Send out evaluations after the conference to get feedback on what the attendees gained from the event, what was good and what needs to be improved next time.
  2. Upload information in the app and send out push notifications about “homework” and what should be done before the next meeting.
  3. Show the results from competitions, post a photo of the prize in the Activity feed and send a push notification inviting everyone to congratulate the winners.
  4. A fun way to use the activity feed is to gather all the information and photos – save it and use it during a “reunion” the upcoming year.
  5. Send out a video greeting and thank attendees for coming, you can also send out a teaser for an upcoming event.


  1. Forget about business cards – mark your new connections as “favorites” in the app instead! You find everyone’s contact information in the participants list and can easily contact anyone after the event and book a meeting or continue a fun conversation.
  2. Use the Activity feed to keep discussions from the event alive – what did you gain from the discussion and how did what you spoke about affect you in your everyday life? Remind people of what they have in common and that they can easily find each other in the participants list.