Most of us have undergone the drastic change that 2020 caused in our everyday lives regardless of occupation or geographic location; life is different. The events industry felt the gravity of this change as restrictions around gatherings were put in place. With our interactions shifting from in-person to mostly virtual, MeetApp sought a way to sustain a valuable experience for virtual conference attendees.


Bridging the gap between digital and physical

While most of our interactions now take place via streaming services such as Zoom, MeetApp found a way to create a virtual experience beyond a simple stream. Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide conference-goers with a meaningful, multi-modal experience that emphasizes engagement, networking, and interactivity.

When MeetApp was founded in 2011, the goal was to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds by converting analog content into virtual, springing a passive audience into a more interactive, inspired, and energized one. If there was one thing that 2020 did, it was transporting us even deeper into the virtual realm, and MeetApp continues to adapt during this novel time in our technological journey.


Everything for your hybrid or virtual event, at your fingertips

Evolving with the times while remaining committed to fostering engaging, motivating, and personable events, we have adjusted MeetApp’s format so you can have everything you need at your fingertips for your event, whether it’s hybrid or entirely virtual.

In these times, technology can be particularly cumbersome as we navigate multitudes of platforms and media to achieve things that used to be achieved in-person. Fortunately, MeetApp’s latest format allows the user to experience the entire event on just one, simple platform. The app and the event are more tethered than ever before as attendees can seamlessly participate whether they are participating virtually or in-the-flesh à la hybrid-style.

Moving into 2021, MeetApp will focus on accommodating its format to suit more hybrid events as we see public gathering restrictions easing up. While 2020’s focus was to maintain the integrity of the event being entirely online, 2021’s focus will be on coalescing the in-person and virtual attendees as hybrid events are imminently becoming more common.


Your event is more than just a live stream

MeetApp strives for energy and connection amongst conference attendees regardless of the medium in which the event is taking place.

In the app’s newest version, MeetApp secures the same, enjoyable experience for virtual and in-person attendees alike. Speakers can now be broadcasted in real-time for the virtual attendees, and all attendees will have access to the same content within the app. MeetApp prides itself in the flexibility of its new form, guaranteeing that all attendees will have the same, meaningful experience in a simple, user-friendly fashion.

Your event is more than just live stream, it’s an essential and visceral part of your career that deserves the opportunity to be of the highest quality possible.