June 6, 2021

Event Technologists: How the Pandemic Shifted the Role of Event Planners to Tech Experts

Amanda Grenier
How the Pandemic Shifted the Role of Event Planners to Tech Experts and Event Technologists

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The pandemic forced many of us to reassess certain areas of our lives. Many people have seen their workplaces undergo huge changes and, as a result, their roles have evolved with that. Event planners are among the groups that have experienced major changes in their jobs since social distancing guidelines have been put in place.

Though society is beginning to recover from the drastic shift of the past year, technology is still as prevalent as ever in our day-to-day lives. When planning virtual or hybrid events, it’s important to understand the basics of technology since events will remain heavily founded on it. For this reason, event planners are pursuing higher education in technology as a way to better facilitate events. The event “technologist” is still an emerging role in the events industry but is rapidly gaining speed as event planners seek solutions to their technology needs.


Qualities of the Event Technologist

If you have struggled with finding work as an event planner or are intimidated by the new integration of technology in your job, it could be highly beneficial to your career to educate yourself in the tech field during this societal pivot. There are many courses that you can enroll in to better grasp the principles in running virtual and hybrid meetings.

To best fulfill the event technologist role, there are couple of key qualities to have:

  • Knowledge of event planning and operations
  • An astute comprehension of data
  • Comfortability with technology and a willingness to continue learning

If you see these qualities in yourself, then you might consider pursuing more of an event technologist role with your career as the need for tech-savvy people in the events industry continues to grow.


The Role

What exactly would your role as an event technologist entail? Camera positioning, sound checking, refining lighting, troubleshooting connection difficulties—all of the things that are now hugely important to facilitating a successful virtual or hybrid event. It’s never too late to deepen your technological skills. Unexpectedly, the pandemic seems to have opened the door to new career opportunities for those involved in the events industry.


A Friendly Face to Partner With

Luckily, you have a partner in your journey to becoming a successful event technologist. Using MeetApp for your virtual or hybrid event can help alleviate the stress of learning new technology. MeetApp pairs perfectly with planners turned technologist. While you explore the possibilities of technology in the midst of planning virtual and hybrid events, MeetApp has you covered. MeetApp is 100% customizable, easily homogenized with other platforms, and provides guaranteed support in a technological cinch.

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