October 15, 2017

3 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

Elin Warfvinge
3 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

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Spice up your corporate team building activities by participating in a fun-filled, engaging outing. When utilizing an event app, attendees will benefit with improved problem-solving skills and icebreaker opportunities, resulting in better communication among each other. These factors are key players in increasing productivity in the workplace. We recommend trying some of the following activities to create engaging team building activities. After all, a team that works well together achieves greater results!


Schedule an Escape Room Outing with an Event App

One of the latest trends among consumers is escape rooms—an interactive activity that resembles something we would see in a video game, show or movie. You can incorporate a visit to your nearest escape room using your event app to give attendees a memorable experience. Lasting up to an hour, the concept of this activity is to work together to find a key that will free participants from the room which they are trapped inside.

Many corporate offices have benefited greatly from an escape room experience, teaching co-workers to work alongside one another and incorporating these skills in the workplace. They are also ideal for icebreakers and to get participants comfortable with one another. Utilizing an event app will help you pick a time and date where all, if not most, of your employees, can attend.


Office Trivia Using an Event Mobile App

A trivia game can seem a little intimidating at first, however, forming groups within your attendees is a good way to get to know one another and work together to win. Include questions that are attainable and relevant to the purpose of your meeting. Great questions include insight to your company’s short-term and long-term goals. You will get great responses from the audience and learn more from your employees, which you can later address in your conference app.

In addition, be sure to provide some prizes as incentives to increase participation. Doing so will not only make for happy employees, but they will learn more about the company’s goals and vision. It’s also a great way to incorporate new material. Office Trivia is a great alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations, which can be lengthy and dull. Utilize an app for events to provide a seamless experience.


Gamification App for Events

Along with an event app, when using gamification, you are teaching about new products or services, contributing to a solution and networking with other attendees. The benefits are many and if you use gamification throughout your conference, attendees will have a lasting, memorable impression. Consequently, utilizing gaming into your next corporate event allows employees to learn new material while earning medals, badges, and recognition. It gives learning a solid structure and defines learning objectives and identifies potential problems in an engaging way.

A mobile event app and gamification molds attendee behavior by setting achievable goals that will motivate them to go above and beyond expectations. Games can become addictive and get creativity flowing. Don’t be surprised if you notice increased engagement among your employees. Not only are you growing the work ethic of your workplace, but you are improving relationships through feedback, achievement, and reward.


The Source for Your Team Building Strategies

Introducing game design elements to traditional non-game applications can make all the difference in the success of your company. An event app also encourages positive feedback throughout employees and creates engaging collaborations using friendly competition, points, medals, and recognition. Customized event apps are fantastic ways to get organized and make the most of your time and money!

A source for a great app for events is MeetApp. We have an ideal selection when you’re looking for a custom conference app to build interactive events, receive feedback and keep participants in the loop of things. You can create surveys or polls to see what time of day works best for everyone. This is also a great way to receive feedback after the event. Event management apps can benefit your business in more ways than one, such as informing participants of any last-minute changes.

Considering making the switch from the traditional form of communication to mobile apps for events is a wise decision. We offer numerous customizable, reliable and cost-effective options for an event mobile app.

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