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This is excellent! Making conferences personal, easily accessible, great options for one-to-one connections during and after the conference. This is an invaluable resource.

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Ventla brings the “personal assistant” to Breakthrough Summit

Kantar, one of the world’s largest insight, information, and consultancy groups, works with over half of the Fortune 500 companies. In addition, they collaborate with small businesses, national governments, and media owners—their brand marketing and media communications is utilized by 92 of the world’s 100 largest advertisers.

Kantar hosted their 12th Annual Breakthrough Summit (formerly Digital CMO Summit) where the Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Executives of companies both large and small were brought together in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss the art and business of marketing. Spotify, Facebook, and Bank of America are a few of the hundreds of companies with representatives at the conference.

The solution in short:

  • Use push notifications to act as a “personal assistant” to attendees
  • Allow attendees to communicate with one another through the chat feature
  • Live audience polling to receive feedback on the event

Business needs

With a conference as large as the Breakthrough Summit, event coordinators needed a way to efficiently organize and communicate with attendees, other goals included:
  • Heightening attendee participation both during and after activities
  • Reminding and updating attendees of scheduled sessions
  • Creating easy admin-to-attendee and attendee-to-attendee communication flow


Ventla was able to simplify and enrich the event experience for attendees by providing them with a “personal assistant” that took care of logistics while they enjoyed activities, panels, and networking. Some of the app’s features utilized for the Breakthrough Summit included:
  • Push notifications to remind attendees of panels, speakers, activities, and dining details.
  • Attendees were enabled to use the chat feature to increase engagement.
  • The event’s agenda, including times and locations of sessions, was clearly and effectively outlined within the app’s user-friendly layout.
  • In order to gain knowledge on how to improve future Breakthrough Summits, live audience polling was utilized in-app.


Ventla’s structure and features allowed for seamless communication from admins to attendees throughout the event. The app acted as a “personal assistant” to attendees that kept them organized, allowing them to focus on the many panels, activities, and opportunities for networking at the Breakthrough Summit.

In addition to maintaining the organization of this large group of people, Ventla also increased audience engagement by providing them a platform (similar to popular forms of social media) to continue having enlightening conversations even once the event has concluded in real-time. Ventla’s ultimate purpose was attained at the Breakthrough Summit: to simplify the logistics and enhance the experience for both event coordinators and attendees.
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