April 16, 2022

Our rebrand: MeetApp is now Ventla

Mats Bäcklund
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Over the past ten years, we've evolved from being a mobile app for in‑person events to a platform that unifies the entire event lifecycle, where event organizers can manage everything in one place for any event, whether it's in-person, virtual, or in-between.

That's quite the evolution from being just a mobile app.

A lot of love went into our rebrand.

Here's the short story:


Why the change?

The idea of rebranding had been lurking in the background for a while.

We talked about it on the leadership team, but we didn't consider it very seriously.

But as we refined our messaging in Q3 2021, we knew we had to rebrand.

While it felt like a huge and daunting task, now was the time.

MeetApp wasn't going to cut it anymore.

A name with App in it doesn't quite express what we're and do today.

The word Meet gave the wrong associations.

While descriptive, it was limiting and no longer fit our vision or reflected the value we provide to customers.

So to gain relevancy, a change was absolutely necessary.


"Ventla makes me feel…"

This rebranding project has been an exercise in how people think of us versus how we want you to feel about us.

Our industry is full of noise. There are many ways to create events and even more tools you can use. But to create an experience your audience can recount with enthusiasm to their friends a decade from now, that's where we believe we play.

Because when interactivity and relationship‑building are at the core of the experience, your audience will receive, consume, and remember every bit of your message.

The best use case of our platform is beyond running infrequent events. It's a communication and community-building tool to bring people closer.

Those are the things we haven't been very good at communicating.

We're changing that.

And we're going to do it in style.

Visually and verbally, you'll notice a more vivid life in our brand language — bolder but always with a warm and friendly vibe.


What stays the same

The friendly team, the cheerful leadership and the optimistic owners.

So the good people are all still here with the same commitment to keep improving the platform and support you as we always have.

Honestly, I have to add this here. It's nothing short of amazing what our customers have achieved. Our product innovation comes largely from the firsthand experience of our customers.

Without them (obviously), we wouldn't be where we're today.



Why Ventla?

There are lots of mini-decisions that went into picking Ventla. But I'm saving all those nuances for another day…

Until then, what I'll tell you is this:

Ventla wasn't our initial favorite, yet it's the only name I can imagine now.

Funny how the mind works.

In closing, I would like to say it's been a valuable learning experience, and I'm happy to share all my learnings if you ever consider a rebrand.

Now, MeetApp is Ventla: The only experience‑enhancing platform.

Oh my, that felt great to say.

Take care and a million thanks for staying to the end.

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