Many event planners have had to deal with the hassle of reworking live events to be completely virtual; the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) included. The OAC converted their annual live conferences to monthly virtual ones and has seen shocking differences in the level of participation and success since going virtual with MeetApp.

From one annual in-person event to monthly virtual seminars

To give some background, the OAC is an organization that has been dedicated to providing licensed opticians in Canada with the knowledge and expertise they need to be of highest professional standard and proficiency. Like any other healthcare professional, opticians are required to continue their education each year to maintain their licensure. When the pandemic hit, the OAC was forced to cancel their live annual conference and, as a result, they began holding monthly meetings using MeetApp in order for their members to continue their studies. Ever since the OAC went digital, they have seen incredible results in participation and achievement of their members.

Going virtual meant 3 times the amount of education

The OAC took full advantage of the option for on-demand learning that is included within MeetApp’s platform. With on-demand learning, members were given the opportunity to tune into lectures anytime, anywhere. Whether studying in pajamas at the breakfast table or listening in on a long commute, members are now able to view prerecorded lectures at their convenience. MeetApp’s all-access platform also provides members with documents, notes, and any other materials at the click of a button.

According to Dalie Schellen, Professional Development and Industry Relations Coordinator, licensed opticians are now receiving 3 times the amount of education than they have in the past since going virtual with MeetApp. Since this shift in their deliverance of education, they are finding that younger opticians (40 years old and under) are participating now more than ever before. The age gap in the industry is thinning; MeetApp’s platform also works well with older opticians. At least 3 members over the age of 80 are able to successfully use the app, Schellen excitedly noted.

“[I’m] happy we built an online community”

In addition to making learning easier for members, MeetApp’s platform also makes the lives of admins easier. Schellen happily relayed how easy-to-understand and comprehensive MeetApp’s reporting system is for admins. With the app’s reporting system, Schellen and other admins are able to track the engagement and academic success of their members, which both have significantly increased since going virtual:

“[I’m] happy we built an online community,” Schellen remarks.

Satisfied with her experience, she explains her eagerness to continue building, exploring, and pushing boundaries with the app:

“The best thing about MeetApp is that you can really push the boundaries on what you think you want to do,” Schellen said in regard to MeetApp’s customizable features.

Whatever your vision is, MeetApp’s team can make it a reality. Schellen expressed her gratitude to the MeetApp team for being there for the OAC every step of the way so that they can experience their ideal virtual conference. The OAC plans on continuing their journey with MeetApp indefinitely as they prepare for hybrid events in the near future.