Gauge your audience’s sentiment shift at your event

Elin Warfvinge

Gauging the audience sentiment shift is an excellent way to understand the success of any event. Seeing and comprehending the change of mood from the beginning to the end of the event can be informative to event coordinators and revelatory to audience members. One of MeetApp’s corporate customers, in fact, gauges the sentiment at their leadership conferences using a word cloud (a cloud of words that are hierarchized by size based on frequency of use).


“How do you feel today?”

To accomplish the word cloud activity, a push notification was sent to all of the attendees on the first day of the conference with a very basic question: “How do you feel today?” This same question was posed to attendees through a push notification on the last day of the conference where the SVP was, then, able to construct and display the two different word clouds that resulted from the activity on those two, separate occasions.

Word clouds reveal the transformation in mood and emotion

The word clouds revealed the transformation in mood and emotion over the course of the conference because the recursive words went from negative to positive, thereby, justifying the existence of that particular event. The attendees went from feeling “tired,” “overworked,” and “stressed,” to feeling “inspired,” “motivated,” and “collaborative.”


Make the gauging process easy and exciting

MeetApp’s ability to instantly send questions to the whole audience and, from there, construct word clouds that summarize the overall feelings of the crowd illustrates to attendees the purpose and benefits of the event that they just partook in and indicates the event’s success to its administrators. Gauging the sentiment shift over the course of the event through activities such as word clouds is constructive for both attendees and administrators—MeetApp’s capabilities make this gauging process easy and exciting.

written by
Elin Warfvinge
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