July 29, 2019

A Tale of 3 Clients: Why an Event App Works

Elin Warfvinge

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What can you do with an event app? If you ask me, there are a million ways to use the app to both streamline your work as an event planner and make meetings and conferences more engaging and interactive for the participants. But instead of telling you everything I think is great with the app, I thought it more helpful to highlight some concrete examples of how our customers have used different features to achieve their specific goals.


A hub in a sea of information: communicate like a pro!

Swedish event agency PS Occasion was hired by Grant Thornton to arrange an unbeatable conference for their Swedish staff, and to tackle the distribution of information and create really great participant interaction, they chose to use an event app.

“There was a lot of information that had to go out before, during, and after the event. Each guest had their own unique journey through the conference. A great exchange of knowledge would take place over three days and between 1,200 guests. MeetApp and its solution became the perfect partner for that part of the project.”

Fia Nordin, Senior Partner at PS Occasion

To create a unique journey for all participants, where everyone could easily access the information they needed to work and have fun at the conference, many of MeetApp’s various features were utilized. For example:

  • The Program feature showed information about when and where everyone should be. Details about travel times, meals, workshops, presentations, activities and parties, easily gathered in one place.
  • In the Information section, the participants found work material, room division info, packing lists, tasks and games to keep them occupied during the trip, and several fun and educational videos and podcasts on the theme of the conference.
  • The Dialogue feature was used, among other things, to make workshops truly effective and efficient. By collecting all questions and assignments in one place and using push notifications to keep everyone informed about what to do when, it became easy and fun for the participants to collaborate and brainstorm together.

Learn more about how Ventla can be used during your company conference, read PS Occasion’s story here.


Maximize the response rate with easy and effective surveys

For Microsoft, it is very important that the TechDays seminars are adapted to the participants’ interests, needs and knowledge, and in order to learn what their participants want and like, they used MeetApp to collect participant feedback.

”By using MeetApp, we had great interaction from attendees during the whole conference and also managed to increase the number of evaluations. MeetApp helped us improve TechDays.”

Sara Kullgren, Director of Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft Sweden

Microsoft had a strong need to improve both the response rate and quality of its participant surveys, so they used MeetApp to:

  • Create qualitative surveys that were easy for the participants to access and fill out, and the results from which were easy to download and analyze for Microsoft.
  • Encourage participants to contribute their thoughts and opinions directly after each presentation and seminar. With MeetApp, the participants could easily rate each program item while it was still fresh in their memory.
  • With the help of, among other things, pollsword clouds and the possibility for the participants to submit their questions to the speaker directly during the seminar, the interaction and participant engagement increased significantly compared to previous years.

Want to know more about how Microsoft used Ventla during TechDays? Click here to read the whole story.


Go Digital: With push notifications, the app becomes the participants’ personal assistant

During Kantar’s annual Breakthrough Summit, MeetApp was used as a “personal assistant” who took care of all logistics and information distribution, so that participants could focus on the panel discussions, seminars and activities offered during the conference.

“This is excellent! Making conferences personal, easily accessible, great options for one-to-one connections during and after the conference. This is an invaluable resource!”

Jill Jankowski, Senior Manager of Creative Engagement Marketing at American Greetings

Kantar wanted to modernize its annual conference and find a way to both simplify the distribution of information, increase participant engagement and minimize the amount of physical handouts and printed material. The solution was MeetApp.

  • Using push notifications, they turned the app into each participant’s personal assistant. They sent out information and reminders about panels, presentations and activities, when it was time for break or dinner, if something was lost or found and much more. In this way, the participants never had to worry or think about whether they missed anything.
  • Participants used the app’s chat feature to communicate, which made it easy to find each other before, network during and keep in touch after the conference.
  • They used in-app live audience polling to collect opinions and ideas about what they could do to develop and improve their concept.
  • The event’s agenda and information material was outlined in a clear and effective way through the app’s user-friendly design.

Read more about how Ventla was used during the Breakthrough Summit here.

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