April 3, 2018

Why You Should Add Sponsorship Ads to Your Conference App

Elin Warfvinge

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Conference apps are extremely useful tools that you can use to engage with your audience and keep them informed at a whole host of different types of conferences. From polls and forums to ticketing information, information about your company, and so much more, you can keep your guests in-the-know from beginning to end of your event. With so many different features you can integrate onto your platform, it’s hard to know which ones you should take advantage of and which ones should be left behind.

Here are some of the biggest reasons that sponsorships ads are something you should definitely prioritize including in your conference app – offering the best results for both you and your attendees!


#1 – Continuity for Your Event

In all likelihood, your sponsors are prominently displayed throughout your marketing material for your event. Their logos are probably on posters all around and they might even have booths set up at your conference. By adding their sponsorship ads to your app as well, this provides a sense of continuity and unity throughout all of the images associated with your event. Those attending your event will feel more comfortable and at ease if everything involving your event seems to be synchronous and matches up to one another. If a guest is unsure of whether or not they are using the right conference app, the continuity in images such as sponsorship ads will assure them that they are in the right place!


#2 – More Exposure for Sponsors

Sponsors love to have plenty of exposure – in many cases, it is a lot of the reason they choose to sponsor your company or your event. By including their ads on your conference app, you will be giving them more reasons to sponsor you and your conference. In the case of many events, they wouldn’t be possible without the organizations that chose to sponsor them. Make sure that you fulfill your end of the bargain by giving them plenty of exposure and giving them more reason to sponsor you again in the future – or other organizations to choose to sponsor you as well! These organizations may have helped you a lot to make your event possible, so make sure that you thank them adequately and let them know they’re appreciated by adding their sponsorship ads to your conference app.


#3 – Keeps Your Audience Informed

With sponsorship ads displayed prominently on your conference app, you can rest assured that your audience knows who is making the conference financially possible. It also shows that your company believes in transparency and wants their audience to know where they are getting their funding from – something that is beneficial both to your audience and your sponsors alike!


#4 – Lends Credibility to Your Business and Event

Especially if you have any members of your audience or attendees who are new to your business or event and who are still making up their mind about how they feel about you, these sponsorship ads can really come in handy. They lend credibility both to the event that you are putting on and your business as a whole. Especially if you have bigger or more prestigious sponsors, it shows that your company is backed by powerful entities who think that your business is doing something worthwhile. Big community leaders wouldn’t sponsor your event if it were a scam or not a reputable company. Your attendees will reach this conclusion too and feel more comfortable and safe working with your organization after they see that other organizations have chosen to sponsor your company and its event.


The Verdict

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained by everyone involved – your company, your guests, and your sponsors – thanks to adding sponsorship ads to your conference app.

With a conference app, you have a lot of features to choose from, and depending on your unique situation, some features will be more useful than others. But if you are holding a sponsored event or conference, then prominently displayed sponsorship ads are definitely one thing you should consider including. They can go a long way to make your event more successful and ensure that your guests, sponsors, and your organization are all on the same page!

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