Every meeting and event is different, but there will always be some common denominators. One being that it is not always super easy to create a kickass event that your attendees love. It doesn’t matter if it is an annual conference, a partner event, an industry trade show or something else – an event app makes your life as an event planner easier and helps you create an event that both you and your attendees will love.


1. Keep everyone up to speed

Using an event app will help you gather all the information in one place – use one platform to invite and keep track of your attendees, display information and the agenda, update attendees on any changes in real time, send out surveys and keep track of decisions, follow-ups and “homework” so that no one forgets any important information after the event is over.

Our most popular features to easily keep everyone updated:

  • MeetApp Invite – our registration system is integrated with the app and super easy to use.
  • Program – display the agenda and let your attendees filter and favorite mark any agenda items that they find interesting to create their own personalized program.
  • Information – keep all the information about speakers, venue, transport and more in one place.
  • “My Information” – make it easy for your attendees to keep track of their personal information, like what workshop group they are in, which bus they are taking or what table they are at during lunch.
  • Push notifications – send out the latest information in real time, straight to your attendees’ phones.


2. Engage your attendees

It can be hard to get your attendees to engage in discussions and workshops during an event or conference. It might be because you are too focused on delivering the message in the right way and forget about creating a dialogue with your attendees, or that your attendees don’t feel comfortable enough to raise their hand and share their opinions when asked. An event app makes it easier for your attendees to share their thoughts on their own terms through their phones.

Our most popular features for increased engagement:

  • Real-time polling questions – send out questions and display the results on a big screen during your presentation. It can be used as “ice-breakers” as well as during workshops.
  • Gamification – nothing creates engagement like some friendly competition! Use gamification to guide your attendees’ actions towards the goals of your conference, and watch how you create a fun and rewarding event for everyone.
  • Activity feed – the Instagram-like feed will get your attendees excited before the event starts, encourage people to spark up conversations and keep discussions going even after the conference.
  • Surveys – find out what expectations people have before your conference, collect feedback on your program items and ask people to share their thoughts and ideas after the event.
  • Push notifications – count down to your conference by using push notifications, create fun games during your event and help remind people of tasks and upcoming meetings even after your event has ended.


3. Create better networking opportunities

We all love a good mingle session, but it can be extremely hard to get people out of their comfort zones and talk to people they don’t already know. An event app will encourage networking by structuring your networking session and helping your attendees to open up and reach out.

Our most popular features to increase networking:

  • Participant list and Chat – the attendees can all see who is going through the participant list, and the chat feature makes it easy to reach out both before, during and after the event.
  • Activity feed and Gamification – the social feed is a perfect place for a networking game! Combine it with gamification and give people higher points for, for example, finding someone they haven’t met before, take a selfie and post it together with a “fun fact” about their new friend.
  • Push notifications – you can easily send out challenges through push notifications. It can be anything from a quiz to speed dating – it is a fun and easy way to get everyone involved and engaged to network. Bonus: Segment your attendees by interest and send out their own personalized push notifications to specific groups!