The Ventla platform was a great way for our virtual attendees to connect with the content, the speakers, and each other during our annual meeting.

Brad Palmisano
Director, Enablement

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How Ventla helped the tech company Virtualitics unite the sales team with their Star Wars-themed sales kickoff

Virtualitics is an AI-driven data analytics organization that helps businesses plan for the future. Virtualitics drives informed decisions for enterprises through artificial intelligence, making insights comprehendible and steadfast. Their goal is to unite businesses through innovative data derived from AI that will create a powerful impact in the future.

Virtualitics recently hosted its first-ever sales kickoff with a Star Wars theme to maximize its sales for the year, energize Salesforce, and bring together the sales team to help them unite on new goals and resources. 


Solution in short:

  • Boost inspiration for the sales team in their first-ever sales kickoff
  • Help the team align on new goals, messaging, resources, and positions
  • Energize sales team with creative interactions and smooth transitioning from in‑person to virtual

Business needs

With a spike in employee covid-19 cases, Virtualitics had to shift their event from in‑person to virtual on the fly. They were in search of a platform that could be a one‑top‑shop for integrated engagement and participation. 

To carry out this event successfully and swiftly, they needed:

  • A user-friendly tool to organize their agenda and compile all communications
  • Generate engagement amongst attendees on a virtual level
  • Accelerate speed to market and grow the organization through collaboration 
  • Spark dialogue for attendees in an accessible and interactive medium



Ventla was able to help Virtualitics "activate hyperdrive" during this 4-day event. Forty-five participants tuned in from their computers and mobile devices. Some of Ventla's accomplishments included:

  • Capturing attendee's attention with zoom integration and live polling
  • Streamlining communication to make it easy for attendees to access
  • Initiating thoughtful dialogue amongst attendees throughout the event
  • From an admin perspective, Ventla presented an intuitive system with a lightweight set-up process making it simple to add sessions and communicate information
  • Providing top-notch customer support to the event's organizers every step of the way



Virtualitics hosted an exciting event with Ventla. It was well-received by both the event's organizers and participants. The participants gave Ventla a 5 out of 5-star rating at the event's commencement. Ventla's platform lent itself to exceptional agenda and content management, leaving Virtualitics eager to try the platform again in the future and explore what it has to offer for in-person events. 

This Star Wars-themed event was a successful mission using Ventla as the lightning-fast and adaptive spaceship to take their event beyond the limits of the virtual atmosphere. 

Here's what Brad Palmisano, Enablement Director, has to say:

“The Ventla platform was a great way for our virtual attendees to connect with the content, the speakers, and each other during our annual meeting. In addition to a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform to drive event engagement, we received exceptional support from the customer success team. Special shout out to Kevin Padilla for being extra awesome and going above and beyond to ensure we had a terrific virtual event.”

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