August 29, 2017

How to Encourage More Engagement During Your Event

Elin Warfvinge
How to Encourage More Engagement During Your Event

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Inspiring audience engagement at a company event is a critical component of a successful attendee experience. Because events are the #1 face-to-face occurrence with your target audience, communication it is a vital aspect of your marketing strategy and brand awareness, which means you better put on a good show.

By encouraging the audience to engage, your event will make them feel welcomed and in the end, be more fun and interactive. Engagement not only upturns the experience of the attendees but will show you traits of an event that you can work on in the future to help your company to grow. This engagement doesn’t start at the event, but well before and after it is done as well. So how do you create more engagement you ask? Invest in a reliable event app.


Bolster Attendee Engagement at Your Event

MeetApp is an innovative mobile event app transforming the way we interact with our audiences today. Our event mobile app is designed with the importance of interactive communication and networking in mind. By creating meaningful event experiences through a digital platform, MeetApp allows organizers to keep participants energized and interested in during their events.

It’s a simplistic medium, making it user-friendly for attendees of all ages. Each conference app is made custom for event managers. Because it is 100% customizable, companies are urged to include logos, colors, as well as other branding standards to make the app their very own. MeetApp is considered one of the top event apps on the market today!


De-stress Registration and Payment

Whether you’ve experienced event registration or not, you can only imagine the amount of stress and work that goes into event planning when you have 100+ attendees coming your way. Well, not anymore – with MeetApp you can ease administration with a handful of registration features. Not only will you be happy, but your guests will be too.

By using an HTML editor, MeetApp lets you customize your email invitations and easily invite attendees by importing contacts from your address book. Once the invites are sent out, MeetApp will be able to measure and collect responses as they come in.

Tickets will be sent digitally; saving both you and the user valuable time and money when they can be easily scanned for their admission at arrival. In the end, easy registration will enhance both guest experience and engagement for the better. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you see how simple and progressive the app can make processing registration at your next event.

How to Encourage More Engagement During Your Event

Link to Your Social Media & Share Pictures and Videos

MeetApp uses integrated features that will allow you to supply web-based information to your guests through your event app. This means it will give users the flexibility to view websites, YouTube videos, as well as other platforms all in a single conference app. You can incorporate your own social media feeds within the app as well to provide your event members with a real-time social media supplement without ever having to leave the app.

MeetApp also offers an event image-sharing gallery that is designed to enhance the visual experience for guests by showcasing special moments that happen throughout the day. MeetApp’s wide variety of event features makes it truly a valuable investment for your next event.


Get Virtual with Ventla

If you would like to really impress guests – all we got to say is – VR. Virtual reality is another exciting and innovative feature that we offer clients that is becoming more and more popular within the evolution of event technology.

Ventla's VR feature allows attendees to explore and experience 360 images within virtual environments and training sessions. It creates a “real-world-model” that your guest will be able to hold directly in the palm of their hand right from your event app.

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