Whether you work with large or small events, inviting and registering participants is a very important part of the process. Not only is it important to find a smooth and time-efficient way of handling your participant information, but the way you invite participants can influence the entire experience of your event.

MeetApp has always had several options for handling the invitation and registration of participants for your meetings and events, but in 2019 we have expanded the possibilities with not just one, but two new features!

MeetApp Invite

MeetApp Invite was launched earlier in the fall and is an all-in-one solution that gives you an easy and convenient way to invite and keep track of your participants. With MeetApp Invite you gather everything from invitation to information, communication, interaction and follow-up in one platform. MeetApp Invite is part of the MeetApp platform and fully integrated with the app’s features, the entire registration is handled from the same easy-to-use web admin as you use for the app.

  • Customize and set up your registration page in minutes.
  • Invite, keep track of and remind your participants from MeetApp’s admin portal.
  • The information that participants fill in is automatically synced with “My information” in the app.

Eventbrite & InvitePeople

If you are a MeetApp veteran and Eventbrite user, you already know that you can integrate the systems to register participants for your events. What’s new is that we are introducing the same possibility for InvitePeople users!

Whether using Eventbrite or InvitePeople, you can, in addition to MeetApp’s standard features, integrate the system with the app to simplify the participant management process. With a few simple clicks you can import and update attendee lists, view a digital ticket in the app and sync the information that the participants have entered when registering with the “My information” feature in MeetApp.

If you use any of these systems today, take a look in the admin portal to read more about how it works, or contact us for a demo.

Another or no registration system

Are you using another system today, or perhaps you currently don’t have a system for inviting and registering participants? No problem! Even without an integrated system, it is easy to get participants into your event app – you can choose to import your participant lists in Excel format or add individual participants manually.

Want to know more about how MeetApp works with the invitation and registration of participants? Or would you like us to show you how MeetApp can help you create better and more engaging meetings?