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Get all the attendee experience features at our most affordable price.

Attendee seats
$99 per month
Billed annually
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So much for so little:

  • 250 attendees per event

  • Web & mobile app

  • Unlimited events

  • 1 admin user


Get the benefits of a branded experience, increased limits, and a dedicated success manager.

Attendee seats
From $399 per month
Billed annually
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Everything in Starter, and:

  • 500 attendees per event

  • Custom registration page*

  • Your logo and colors

  • 2 admin users


Unlock everything. Good for anyone who needs more premium features and more control.

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All of Pro, plus:

  • Custom limits

  • SSO (Single Sign-On)

  • Admin access control

  • Phone support

Always safe and secure. Ventla is a WCAG compliant event platform and GDPR compliant solution. And all the plans take full advantage of the privacy and enterprise security features built into Ventla.

By the way, we also offer

Ventla One

Just need to run a single event? Get all of Ventla for a one-time investment starting from just $799. Because time is money and we want you to save on both.

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What customers say

Making conferences personal, easily accessible, great options for one-to-one connections during and after the conference. This is an invaluable resource!


Jill Jankowski

Senior Manager of Creative Engagement Marketing for American Greeting

Compare plans and features

Essentials Starter Pro Enterprise
Web & mobile app
Run the entire event experience for attendees in a web browser and mobile app. Always in perfect sync.
Number of events
Use Ventla for an unlimited number of events.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Attendee seats
The accumlated number of attendees during your subscription term.
500 1000 Custom
500 extra attendee seats
Increase the number of attendees that can join events during your subscription term.
Custom Custom Custom
Max attendees per event
The maximum number of attendees that can use Ventla at each event.
250 500 Custom
Share access to your event with collaborators that can help you manage all aspects of your event.
1 2 Custom
Built-in analytics
Analyze data from your event.
Data export
You own your data. Export your event engagement data to Excel or Google Sheets.
Attendee experience Starter Pro Enterprise
Unlimited live Q&A
Create inclusion by inviting attendees to ask anonymous questions to the stage.
Unlimited polls
Gain valuable insights with real-time attendee polling. Show the results on the stage as bar charts or word clouds.
Unlimited evaluations
Get feedback from your attendees and see what's most impactful to improve future events and conferences.
Unlimited surveys
Use the built-in survey tool to find out how your attendees feel before, throughout, and after your events.
Run live quizzes and reward attendees for answering questions. Also, reward attendees for giving feedback, attending sessions, sharing information, and participating in contests. And share it all on a leaderboard to increase engagement.
Activity feed
The activity feed is your private social network that lets attendees easily engage with others by commenting, posting, and liking. This strengthens the conditions for inclusive, genuine interactions.
Attendee list
With the searchable attendee list, your attendees can see who's coming and start networking whenever they want. Also, star them as favorites, take notes, and add them to the address book on their phones.
Attendee profile
Attendee profile is where attendees add their details for others to see. Attendees also have the option to import profile information from LinkedIn.
Attendee chat
Attendees can start private chats with other attendees and engage before, during, and after the event. And with push notifications, they can keep the conversation going without missing a beat.
Program schedule
The program overview makes it easy for attendees to follow the event and conference program and create their personalized agenda with one click.
Real-time notifications
Send out notifications to make sure attendees don't miss out on anything. And you can have different messages for each program item, giving attendees simple prompts and relevant information.
Speakers & partners
Promote speakers and partners with bio's, images, and links.
My information
Give attendees specific information regarding their seating, tickets, selected sessions, and more.
Information space
The information space lets you share decks, videos, and other content with your attendees.
Image gallery
As an admin or event organizer, you can use the image gallery to post images in one central place for your attendees.
7 languages
The web and mobile app support Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Spanish, French, and English (default). The language adjusts to the device of your attendees.
Invitation & registration* Starter Pro Enterprise
Branded registration page
Let participants enter their registration details and provide a branded experience with your logo and colors on your registration page.
Make it yours
Brand the entire platform, web and mobile app, with your logo and colors.
Give attendees a choice of breakout sessions and activities, and set a limit on max available seats. Automatically group them based on their preferences and send targeted push notifications.
Automatic reminders
Send automatic reminders and track the status of each invitee.
Email invitations
Create and send customized email invitations.
Import invitees from file
Use Excel to upload an invitee list and manage it in the built-in invitation manager.
Streaming studio Starter Pro Enterprise
Video on demand
Make use of your pre-recording videos.
Built-in live streaming
Get started with secure, cost-effective, and convenient live streaming with just a few clicks directly from your home or office, using any computer.
3rd party live streaming
Use your favorite streaming tool inside the platform by just entering your YouTube, Vimeo, or HLS-link. Or connect embedded Zoom or Teams meeting link for group discussions.
Live streaming recording
Record your live streaming and let attendees consume the content when it suits them best.
RTMP streaming
Stream live from recording studios or studio software.
Extras Starter Pro Enterprise
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Allow your admins to log in with their company credentials. Integrate with Microsoft Azure AD or other OAuth compatible providers.
Admin access control
Restrict what events each admin and organizer can view and manage for more control.
Custom security & data privacy compliance review
Services Starter Pro Enterprise
Email & chat support
Get help from our team to set up your event
Training videos
Master Ventla at your own pace. Learn about best practices and all the functions when the timing suits you best.
Onboarding & training
Get hands-on help from our event experts on a scheduled training session with your group of admins.
Dedicated success manager
Get your dedicated event expert you can reach out to, in addition to the general support channels.
Phone support
Call our event experts directly and get faster help

Questions and answers

Can't find the answer here? We'd be happy to answer them. Contact us.

What are attendee seats?

Let's say the same person attends two events. That would count as two participants (seats). So it's the accumulated number of participants during your subscription term.

And max attendees per event?

It's the max number of people per session for an event, conference, or other happenings. The max is based on your plan.

What's admin access control?

Let's use an example. You have an IT, sales and marketing department. Each admin can only create, access, and change stuff specific to their department without affecting others.

Can I try before choosing my plan?

Sure you can. Try Ventla with a 30‑day free trial. Free as in no card required. We hope 30 days is more than enough to confidently choose if you want to get on one of our affordable plans for your recurring events or Ventla One for a single event.

What can I do with the streaming studio?

Easily send a link to moderators to open the streaming studio and allow speakers to test the studio 24 hours before the stream starts.

Are there any startup fees for the live stream?

Zero, zip, zilch. Nothing. You pay only for what you use. There're no required upgrades, upfront costs, or minimum fees.

Can you provide an example of the cost for a live stream?

Absolutely. You stream for as little as 0.6 USD per streaming hour using our built-in streaming. And with RTMP or video for only 0.2 USD. That means a 3‑hour streaming session with 250 participants would be 150 USD. And much less with fewer participants and a shorter session.

With the Pro and Enterprise plan, you can get a package with a fixed price.

Get in touch for a quote.

How many speakers can be visible simultaneously?

Up to four speakers can be on screen at the same time. Speakers can also share their screens and see questions from attendees.

Where can I stream?

You can add live streaming to any program item or at the event level.

I still have questions. What should I do?

You can reach out to us anytime at We always have time for someone as lovely as you.

* What about Invitation & Registration in Pro?

The Invitation & Registration module can be added to the Pro package. It is not included in the presented price.