Ventla is expanding and recruiting its first external CEO, Ann-Sofie "Annsi" Krol.

Annsi most recently comes from Notified, where she mainly worked with market development and sales of event platforms.

During the pandemic, Ventla has invested a great deal in product development to overcome new obstacles as the world quickly had to pivot and meet in new formats.

Now is the time for the company to enter an entirely new phase. Annsi has extensive experience in the communications industry, has led several companies in growth, and held leading positions within several SaaS companies. During the pandemic, she has worked extensively in virtual events both in the Nordics and internationally and has seen customers' needs change.

"It's a time where a lot is happening in events, employee engagement, and organizational culture, which are areas where we come in handy. It feels fantastic to lead the team at Ventla that developed an intuitive and comprehensive platform and built long-lasting customer relationships. It will be an exciting journey in this next phase," says Annsi.

The event industry has experienced major changes both during the pandemic and after. Needs have changed and evolved, and we are still seeing new behaviors being formed.

"We have succeeded in building a platform and a company completely organically with a strong focus on our customer's needs, and it is time to shift into the next gear. It feels so good to be handing it over to Annsi. Her skills, experience, and energy match perfectly to lead the company in this upcoming phase," says Mats Bäcklund, outgoing CEO.

Mats remains a co-founder, owner, and board member, continuing to work actively for the company. Annsi took office on October 3rd.

For more information contact:

Annsi Krol - - 070 650 72 06
Mats Bäcklund - - 070 387 83 55

Briefly about Ventla:

Ventla, formerly MeetApp, was founded in Sweden in 2011 and is a SaaS company that offers an event platform. Today, the company is also present in the USA and India. We are driven by the vision to support the creation of more engaging, experiential, and value-creating events for physical, virtual, or hybrid contexts.