Assign session(s) to groups

Divide participants into groups, and assign one or more program item(s) to your group(s).

1. Create a new group

In the Participants section of the event, select the Groups tab at the top of the list and create one or more group(s). Choose between;

  • Create group - assign participants manually
  • Create group(s) - assign participants automatically

2. Assign participants to group

If you have chosen the first option above (assign manually), use the checkboxes to assign your participants to any of your created group(s).

Once at least one is selected from the list, an Assign to group button will appear at the top of the list. 

3. Target program item

In the Program section of your event, create a new program item (the Create new item button at the top) or select an existing one from the list. 

When creating or editing a program item, scroll down to the Available for section, click Select from participant groups and select your group(s). 

Once done, Save your program item at the top.