Participant Groups

Assign attendees to groups and target your dialogue or program items.

Step 1 - Create your group(s)

In the Participants section of your event, select the Groups tab at the top. 

Choose between;

  • Create group - assign participants manually
  • Create group(s) - assign participants automatically

Step 2 - Assign participant(s)

If chosen to assign manually, use the checkboxes to select one or more participants from the list. Once at least one is selected, an Assign to group button will appear at the top. 

Step 3 - Target your dialogue or program item(s) 

If you wish to target your program item(s), learn more here. 

If you wish to target your dialogue item(s), learn more here.

Good to know

  • Participants are not notified which group they belong to, this feature is strictly an admin feature. 
  • You can sort your Participants list by group by selecting the dropdown filter at the top of the list. 
  • You can also set up your custom registration questions so that the registration manager/system will create and assign attendees to groups.