Language and timezone support

Learn more about which languages we support and how we support participants in different time zones.

Language support

Ventla supports 7 languages. 

While the administrative panel is only available in English, the mobile app and the virtual venue adjust to the language setting of the device/browser the participant is on. 

  • English (Primary, if none of the below)
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
  • German 
  • Finnish 

Please note that any event content added by the administrator will not be translated. 

Timezone support

When you create a new event, you set the timezone for where the event takes place. The same can be set on your event Settings page. 

You schedule all program and dialogue items in your set/selected timezone. 

If the participant (devise/browser) is set to a different timezone, all times will automatically adjust to reflect their own timezone.

They also have the option to switch and browse all items in the event timezone.