Invite and manage administrators

The Users section is where you manage your fellow administrators. This is where you invite your colleagues or partners to collaborate with you on your next event.

Administrator types

There are three administrator types;

  • Application administrator 
    • Can manage the Brand screen as well as Participant fields and Participant segments. 
    • Can create and manage departments. 
    • Can add and manage all administrator types. 
  • Department administrator 
    • Can create and manage events within their Department. 
    • Can create and manage event administrators (if "Is Allowed To Create Event Admin(s)").
  • Event administrator 
    • Can only manage assigned events. 

A department or an event has to be created before being assigned. 

Create a new administrator

  1. Select your logo in the top left corner and select Users in the menu on the left (or click here).
  2. On the Users page, select the desired administrator type at the top.
  3. In the popup; set a Username (preferably the email, all lowercase), enter an Email (for invitation), and add a First name and the Last name
  4. Assign your administrator to a Department or to one or more Events.
  5. Once done, click Save.

Once the administrator has been added, they'll receive an email (sent from with a link to finalize the account creation process (set a password). Remember to notify them that the email with the link may end up as spam. 

The colored icon, next to the administrator email, indicates whether or not the account has been activated. If not activated within 7 days, delete and reinvite.