Event visibility and Event access link

Event visibility 

There are three event visibility settings;

  • A public event means the event is available for anyone to join on the "Select an event" screen.
  • With your event set to private event, participants are required to enter the event code before authorized access.
  • With require event tickets, you (the administrator) decide which email addresses registering in the app/virtual venue should be authorized access. This is done by assigning tickets to all attendees in the Participants section of your event. If there's match, the event will be available to anyone authorized on the "Select an event" screen. 

Event access link 

Forget any confusion on what app to download, how to access the Virtual venue, or what code to enter to join. 

Distribute the event access link (found on your event Settings page) to all attendees on a website, in an email or in a text message. 

  • If the link is opened on mobile, the participant will be taken to the correct app in AppStore or Google Play for download. Once downloaded and installed, the participant will be redirected to the correct event. 
  • If the link is opened on desktop, the participant will join the event in the Virtual venue. 

While the event access link is great, we still recommend providing all participants with the event code, as well as the access code (if Ventla Go), along with a small set of instructions.