Event Settings

Once your event has been created, you are redirected to the Settings page of your new event. Continue building your event there.

Event information 

At the top of the event Settings page, provide additional details such as;

  • The Start date and End date
  • The location (Address information). Also, select Display map in app.

If your event is a virtual one, you can put "Virtual" instead of City in the Address information

  • Upload an Icon (150x150px) representing the event by selecting the thumbnail.
  • Add a Welcome text (max 200 characters) to greet your participants.

Once done, make sure to Save your changes at the top of the page.

Event visibility and Event access link

Here you can manage your Event visibility setting, as well as fetch your Event access link (learn more here).

Select the copy-icon to copy your link.

If your event is set to a private event, don't forget to Include event code in the link (Event access link). Otherwise, participants will be prompted to enter the event code, when clicking the link.

Menu items & features

Scrolling down the page, we recommend disabling any menu items and features you may not use for this event. This is to avoid sections appearing empty. 

Toggle to disable, and then Save your changes at the top of the page.

You can learn more about each feature here.

Premium features 

Below is where you enable any of your premium features. This could be event check-in capabilities (self check-in), event registration (Registration system), or the main live stream (Live streaming) for your event. 

Toggle to enable, and then Save your changes at the top of the page.  

Advertisement banners

At the far bottom is where you upload your advertisement banners. 

Learn more here.