Duplicate (reuse) an event

If you wish to reuse any content of a previous event (e.g information or dialogue items) you can duplicate the event.

Since previous events cannot be reused, we instead recommend duplicating your event should you wish to reuse any of its contents. 

  1. In the list of all active and archived events (the Events page, link here), find your event and click Manage, and select Duplicate Event.
  2. In the popup, select the sections you'd like to duplicate and click Next.
  3. For each section you've selected, there's a tab outlining which items are included as well as some additional settings for each section (if applicable). 
  4. Once done, click Save.

Pay special attention when duplicating the Program section; you can modify the dates of all program items to fit your new schedule before clicking Save.

For the Dialogue section, you can choose whether the items should be published or not in your new event before clicking Save.

Once saved, your new/duplicated event will appear at the top of the list of all your active events. Select your event and continue building.