Active vs. Archived events

Once signed in to the administrative panel, the first page you are greeted with is the one listing all your active and archived events.

Once your event has passed, Select Manage > Archive Event to save it for future reference. 

While the event is archived, participants can still access the event in the app/virtual venue. 

Archiving an event is irrevocable. 

Prevent participant access

  1. Select your event in the list of all active or archived events. 
  2. Go to the event Settings page, set the event to Private event, and set a random event code by selecting Generate event code.
  3. Once done, Save your changes at the top of the page. 

Duplicate (reuse) an archived event 

If you wish to reuse any of the content within an event (e.g information or dialogue items), follow the instructions for duplicating an event here.