Publish a Dialogue survey

  1. In the Dialogue section of your event, select Create new survey at the top. 
  2. Enter a Title and select Add survey item to add your first item. Available items are the same for surveys as for standalone dialogue items (single choice, multiple-choice, ...).
  3. Add as many items to your survey as you want (minimum 2). We recommend starting off with an "Information message" with a short welcome message and an explanation of what to do and then maybe finish off with the same but a thank you message instead. 
  4. Select whether the survey should be anonymous or not
  5. Decide if your survey should appear at the "top-level" (no folder) or belong to a folder. If the latter, choose an existing folder or click Create new folder.
  6. Set an access code (if applicable).
  7. Select to publish to everyone at the event or a selected audience (learn more here).
  8. Finally, at the far bottom; decide whether or not to send push on publish when publishing your survey.

Once done, scroll back to the top and select Publish or Publish later (manually or scheduled).