Publish a Dialogue item

  1. In the Dialogue section of your event, select Create new item at the top.
  2. Select your Dialogue type (learn more here).
  3. Set a Title and provide additional details in the Description
  4. Add your Response options (n/a for "information message").
  5. For most item types you can select (n/a for "information message");
    1. Only allow participants to respond once.
    2. Show answers in app.
    3. Make participants anonymous when answering questions. 
  6. Select a Folder or keep your item at "Top-level". Assigning your items to folders is recommended for better structure and readability. 
  7. Set an Access code (if applicable).
  8. Decide whether to publish your item to Everyone at event or a Select audience.

Once you are done, scroll to the top and decide to Publish or Publish later (manually or scheduled).